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Once when I was growing up my parents got each of us a lamb to raise. But we sold them at the sale barn when they were grown up. I have never eaten lamb and I think maybe the decision to sell the sheep at the sale barn was made because they were pets to us, somewhat. (My brother’s lamb was the naughty one, always jumping over the fence. Very fitting for a naughty brother. ;-D)

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A lots of people are getting into sheep farming because sheep are quite easy to raise when compared to other type of livestock. Gets guidelines on keeping pet sheep in your garden...

If you're a beginner and would like to raise healthy sheep, 'Gerard Dawn' through his ebook has helped a lot of folks who are starting out in raising sheep to raise healthy productive sheep. Check out:

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Pet Lamb For Sale‎ Some farmers who keep sheep also make a profit from live sheep. Providing lambs for youth programs such as and competition at is often a dependable avenue for the sale of sheep. Farmers may also choose to focus on a particular breed of sheep in order to sell registered animals, as well as provide a ram rental service for breeding. The most valuable sheep ever sold to date was a purebred ram that fetched £231,000 at auction. The previous record holder was a ram sold for £205,000 in 1989. A new option for deriving profit from live sheep is the rental of flocks for grazing; these " services" are hired in order to keep unwanted vegetation down in public spaces and to lessen .

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Friendly and easy to handle, keep them as pets or for the freezer