Pet Lion Mane Wig Halloween Costume Clothes for Large Dog Cat 80cm

Imagine ones surprise when they see your dog dressed up like a lion! Are you hosting a costume party? Why not get a dogs lion costume and have your pet walking around looking like a lion. It is sure to get your guests talking and having a good time. There are lots of choices below.

Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig for Dog Cat Halloween Clothes Fancy Dress up with Ears #Babyshowtime

King Lion Mane Wig For Cats Small Dogs Costume Halloween Pet Cosplay Review, Adorable, life like & .
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M Pet Dog Cat Artificial Lion Mane Wig Halloween Costume

Wish | New Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig For Dog Halloween Cloth Festival Fancy Dress Up Well, we have this Lion Pet Costume. It will make your precious George into a wild lion. The kind that likes to have milk bones, and likes to snatch a tennis ball out of the air. He will be the cutest lion in on the plains (or in the neighborhood). Sure he may not like getting into it at first, but bribe him with treats like when you take him to the vet. Because who doesn’t want to see a dog as a lion? We do!

Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig for Dog Cat Halloween Clothes with Ear

How to make a quick and easy Lion King Halloween Costume!

What you'll need:
3 pieces of felt (Lion Mane Colors)
Glue Gun + Extra Glue Sticks

1) Cut all felt lengthwise (the long way) to make strips.
2) Measure pets neck with elastic. Leave about 3 fingers of room for your pet to breathe. And cut elastic.
3) Turn on glue gun and glue elastic into a circle.
4) Begin gluing felt strips around outside of elastic
5) Glue other end of strips to inside of elastic
6) Once you have felt loops - cut the top of the loops to create a 'mane' look.
7) Enjoy with you pet!! Happy Halloween!

Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig for Dog Cat Halloween Clothes with Ear

AmazonSmile : Dogloveit Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig for Dog Cat Halloween Dress up with Ears(Please be aware of fake products from other sellers) : Pet SuppliesSecretly, your dog probably wishes that he was a lion. He already thinks that he's top dog around your house, despite the fact that he's still afraid of thunder and the fiercest enemy he's ever faced is the mail man. Well, now you can finally give him the look that matches his innermost instincts! This gives your little doggie a shaggy mane and ears of the wild animal. It may cause some confusion for all the neighborhood cats though! Once they catch a glimpse of your puppy sporting this cute pet costume, they may just have to bow down to the new king.Cozime Lion Mane Costume for Large Dog Pet. >>> You can find out more details at the link of the image. (This is an affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)When it comes to a fancy dress costume, why should humans have all the fun? With this Animal Planet Lion Pet costume, your dog can dress up too! And it's hilarious how a simple headpiece can instantly transform your much-loved Rover into the Lion King. This get-up incorporates a luxuriant ruff in two different shades of brown, which just goes on your dog's head, leaving the face completely uncovered. On top are two lion ears, again in two shades of brown. Now all you have to do is get your much-loved pet to roar like a jungle beast and you could seriously confuse some people! You can have a lot of fun with this costume, whether you are taking your dog to a fancy dress party or hosting one yourself. Remember to get lots of photos! This quirky costume is totally safe and non-irritating for your domestic animal to wear, and very easy to keep clean as well. It's hard-wearing enough to be worn at quite a number of fancy dress parties or similar events, so you're sure to get a good run out of it...just watch out if your pup suddenly decides to run away and rule the animal kingdom!