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"Pets live longer and longer lives these days, thanks to advances in medical care," she says. As treatment options have become more sophisticated and more widely available, they’ve also become more expensive. Veterinarians now routinely perform hip replacements and administer cancer treatments, Sullivan says. "But longevity definitely comes with a price tag."

Medi-Pet Kit is a companion Index mod that provides health regeneration and a bleedout timer...

Our bird medicine and supplies category has a great selection of products for our feathered friends. From bird claw clippers to Allerpet B for birds to reduce allergic reactions in those sensitive to bird feathers, we’ve got what you need for proper bird care. Our bird anitbiotics such as HomeoPet Digestive Upsets helps with digestive problems and Tylan Powder, can be used in treating and managing CRD (chronic respiratory disease). In addition to these must-have bird pet supplies, we are constantly adding more products to our site, so be sure to check back frequently.

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Home Medi-Cat is a pet sitter, pet groomer, and house sitter in Belmont, California. I want to thank Dr. Bivens for helping my cat Rufee get back to a happy, healthy kitty. He had Inflammatory Bowel Disease and diarrhea problems for over a year. We tried everything to get him better. He improved but he still had a problem. By happenchance we met Dr. Bivens who helped with Rufee’s care. Dr. Bivens changed his diet which led to a dramatic improvement in his bowel movements. With this change, we’ve been able to adjust his medications, so he now takes minimal doses for his health issue. He’s gained weight, feels better, and his prognosis looks excellent. I belong to an internet forum and have shared my story with others whose pets have the same issues. I’m pleased to report that three others have made changes as Dr. Bivens did with Rufee and the success stories are the same.

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As a long time pet owner, I personally experienced the grief and headaches of giving my pet its medication. I’ve found expensive pills wasted in the corner of the house that I thought my pet had eaten. I’ve thrown the medication in his mouth, closing his jaw shut and blowing in his nose to force the medication down. Giving my pet its medication was always stressful and difficult.

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The technology behind is very simple. The natural creation of a “frequency repellent barrier” embedded to protect people and pets from insects. Reflected from our science research, for many years, each insect is repelled by a unique frequency. The material of the holistic product has been programmed with the required rate frequency, depending upon the product requested. The holistic products create a natural energy field produced by a human or animal expanding the unique frequency, which creates a repellent barrier from insects. This technique employed by Holistic Family and Pets is called Bio-energetics. Dr. Oz states that, “Energy medicine is the future of medicine." which work by stimulating the body's own healing force into action- and because it's effectiveness. Bio- energetics is the choice of treatment for millions throughout the world.Here at Medi-Vet, we stock a large assortment of pet diabetes supplies. From testing equipment to medication-- blood glucose meters for dogs, and lancets and test strips to determine the correct dosage of the diabetes medication they are to administer to the pet. Always be sure your equipment is working correctly by occasionally testing with a control solution.