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People consider their pets members of their family. When they need medication and care we want to give it to them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look for ways to save money in doing so. Ordering my cat’s medication online allows me to give her the care she needs without breaking my bank account.

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– An unbiased look and online discount pet medication retailers.– Green energy technology show case: Geothermal energy. Pet Medication Refills: A well-stocked pharmacy is always available, but sometimes the time to pick up your prescription is not. Take advantage of our convenient on-line ordering to refill any of your furry friends prescriptions.

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Canada Drugs Direct Canada Drugs Direct provides its customers with only the best quality pet meds online that include both prescription and over-the-counter medications at low prices. Our top selling product lines include Heartgard, Program, Frontline Plus, and Frontline.

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More pet owners are choosing to have their pets' prescriptions filled at a community or online pharmacy. If you elect to "shop around" for your pets' medications, please use caution and pay attention to your veterinarian's advice. Here are some resources to help you make the right choices for your pets when it comes to filling their prescriptions. Not only can medications help treat a current illness your pet has, but we also offer products to help prevent future health problems. We carry dental hygiene products ranging from chew toys, food, toothpaste, and mouth rinse. Just like in people, in our pets a healthy mouth helps maintain a healthy heart. The best way to take care of your pet’s mouth is to brush his or her teeth on a daily basis. We carry pet-friendly and flavored toothpaste as well as small toothbrushes that can reach into even the tiniest mouths. There are other options that can help reduce dental disease as well. Try our AquaDent water additive- just add it to your pet’s water bowl! Other toys and treats can help mimic a tooth brush by rubbing against teeth while your pet chews. One option is the C.E.T. Hextra Dental Chews that have a patented formula with chlorhexidine, an antiseptic that is safe to consume. Don’t forget, even with all the products that help slow down dental disease, your pet should still see the veterinarian yearly to determine if a dental procedure is needed.In our hospital, we offer a full pharmacy for your pet’s needs. This makes it more convenient to be able to pick up all your pet’s prescriptions at one place and you don’t have to wait for a script to be called in to another pharmacy. Another advantage is we carry medications that are only used specifically for animals and not sold in other pharmacies. We also offer promotional savings for products when available.Comparison-shopping can help you manage your pet’s health care costs. Unlike doctors for humans, veterinarians write and fill their own prescriptions – and many pet owners get their meds that way. But pet owners today have other options, such as retailers and pharmacies, including those online. So, if your pet gets sick or needs medications on an ongoing basis: