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1-800-PetMeds® is America's largest pet pharmacy. We deliver prescription and non-prescription pet medications along with health and nutritional supplements for dogs and cats at substantial savings direct to the consumer. We service over nine million customers nationwide from one location.

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Want to find other ways to save on your pet costs? The Humane Society of the United States has a of free or for veterinary care, spay/neuter, and food and other supplies including meds for heartworm and other conditions.

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Discount Pet Meds | Pet Medications | Supplies | Dogs Cats Horses When you purchase pet meds in Los Angeles, you want to be certain that what you purchase will be safe and effective in treating your family pet for the condition your veterinarian has diagnosed. You might be tempted by online pet pharmacy ads, touting cheaper prices on pet meds & supplies, offering home delivery services. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these online companies sell counterfeit drugs, drugs that have been incorrectly stored, reducing effectiveness, or drugs that exceed their expiration date. Because online pet pharmacies are not legally permitted to buy their supplies from veterinary pharmaceutical companies, they are purchasing mostly counterfeit, or copycat drugs, from dubious overseas suppliers.
Both brand name and generic drugs can be counterfeit, and the labels can be deceptive, giving the impression that they are the authentic product. When you purchase pet meds in Los Angeles, it is a safer bet to buy directly from your veterinarian, who will guarantee the product’s authenticity. Your veterinarian cannot assure you that drugs purchased online will be effective or safe to administer, and they might, in fact, endanger your pet.

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Welcome to the PetMedStore web site, your best source for Pet Medications, Pet Vitamins, Pet Supplements and Pet Supplies. We at PetMedStore provide only U.S. FDA/EPA Approved Pet Products.

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