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These are very very pretty but cannot be held. These are native to the u.k and are a chestnut colour with a deep brown stripe running down the back. Active during the day and very nice to watch. These are great for educational displays as well and they are also rare on sale in the pet market. I was told these were the origins of fancy mice. Again these have been captive bred.

- Reason for sale: surplus doe, needing space for new litters and for pet mice

Shoppers will find one of the largest selections in the state for their reptiles and reptiles needs. Reptiles for sale include lizards, turtles and tortoises, frogs and snakes. They also sell feeders such as crickets, mice, frozen chicks, mealworms and horn worms. Supplies are available for all your pet needs. One of the best conveniences of this pet store is that their pick-ups are available within 15 minutes.

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