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Scissors Type: These look like a pair of small scissors, except the blade has a semicircular opening where you insert your pet’s nail. When you close the scissor blades, the nail is cut. This type of trimmer usually works best for cats, as well as smaller dogs. There is no blade to replace with this sort of trimmer.

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They work like scissors to make nail trimming and maintenance effortless, even for large, thick nails. It comes in a range of sizes, so you can pick the best one for your pet’s size. It is recommended by the American Kennel Club and has outstanding online reviews, including more than 3,100 five-star reviews on Amazon.

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Hip Pet Nail Scissors Pet Nail Clippers Pet Nail Trimmer Dog and Cat Nail/Claw Clippers new FurBuster Dog Perfect Paws Nail Trimmer is designed to trim long nails that can make walking uncomfortable or painful for your dog or cat, and can cause damage to floors and furniture. Perfect Paws is the ultimate nail trimmer designed for easy, effective nail care. The rotating filing stone gently files your pet's nails leaving a smooth finish. This cordless and portable nail trimmer with a rotating filing stone gently files your pets nails, leaving a smooth finish.

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Also called Miller’s Forge Trimmers, this type of dog clippers works like scissors and is preferable for , whose bigger, thicker nails need the extra force the construction of these clippers provide. Safari and JW Pet are two examples of brands in this style.

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Rotary/ Powered Trimmers – These systems use a small, rotating bit of sandpaper that can be used to file down your pet’s nails. the nice thing about this system is that it does not leave as jagged of edges and you can move slowly, incrementally, to . A. They are if they're used properly, and if your dog has been trained with praise and patience to accept having his nails shortened in this way. While nail grinders may be new to “As Seen on TV” territory, grinding nails instead of has long been common among breeders and competitors in dog sports and shows. In fact, well before the idea of a dedicated canine nail grinder became reality, people used rotary grinding tools such as the Dremel to trim canine claws (in fact, some still do).In this video, I review (well, I tried to anyway) the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer because it makes trimming my dog's claws so easy. Its fast and painless. I think my pup appreciates it too.

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