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"The other thing you have to do is kill fleas in your house," he adds, and the best tool for that is regular table salt (he likes Morton's brand). "Salt dehydrates the fleas and kills them," he says, "but you have to let it sit overnight, then vacuum it up the next day." Sprinkle salt wherever your pet spends time—in its bed, on the sofa, or on your carpeting.

Your pet should be seen at our next available appointment with in a day or two if:

Remember your first time going to sleep away camp? It can rattle the nerves, for sure, and pets can experience the same emotions when being boarded for the first time. Here at Kennewood Pet Resorts, we understand this, and want to alleviate any anxiety for both Pet Parents and pets. That’s why we provide free Pet Sleepovers for pets looking to test-drive the experience. Your pet will spend the night with us, and be treated to a Personalized PlayTime, a Yappy Hour, a Bizzy Bone, and even a visit to the Spa for a complimentary bath. When you pick up your pet the next day, you will receive a thorough report on their overnight visit. Pet Sleepovers are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights only and are subject to availability.

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Many times our Pet Parents request SAME DAY Witness Cremation Services or NEXT DAY Pet Cremation Services. The event will commence on October 10 with a welcome networking reception, where attendees can engage with their fellow pet food professionals and industry leaders in attendance. The next day of the program will be packed with dynamic scientific presentations, focusing on key research and insights on the use of whole and specialty grains in pet food, and the emerging science behind their value to processing, nutrition, and health of companion animals. The 2017 Petfood R&D Showcase research presentations will be led by an exclusive lineup of the country’s leading faculty, who won’t be featured together under one roof again.

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Owners picking up pets after 5:00pm will be charged a $25 late fee. After 6:00pm, the call box and facility will close, and your pet will have to be picked up the next day, adding another night to your bill.

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Many pet owners enjoy traveling with their pets. Sometimes we must kennel our pet as it’s not feasible or practical to take Fido or Fluffy with us, especially when we fly. So what's a pet owner to do? For the ultimate in convenience and luxury for air travelers, check out one of the growing number of airport pet hotels. Catering to the pampered pet whose owner wants only the highest quality, yet affordable pet accommodations, airport pet hotels are an innovative concept that is growing in popularity. Imagine parking your car and dropping off your pet at a single convenient location near an airport, after which you are immediately shuttled directly to the terminal. When you return from your trip, you can catch a shuttle back to the pet hotel facility at any hour of the day or night. No more waiting until the next day to pick up your pet!

What if your pet is traveling without you and needs a layover for a day or two before their next flight? Then be sure to check out airport pet hotels. Some facilities--such as Pet Paradise Resorts facilities in Houston (both Hobby and Bush International), Atlanta, New Orleans, and Charlotte--can accommodate pets traveling without their owners. As long as arrangements are made in advance, these facilities will pick up your pet after the first leg of their trip, board them for as long as necessary, and deliver him safely to the terminal for their next flight. Most animals are very excited to be back at home and may eat or drink excessively, causing them to vomit what they just ingested. Pets sent home the same day should not be allowed to eat or drink for at least one hour to allow them to settle down which decreases the chance of vomiting. At this time only feed them small amounts throughout the evening until bedtime. Eating habits should return to normal the next day. Pets sent home the next day after surgery may resume normal eating, but may not be hungry for the next day or so. In some cases your pet might not want to eat or drink until the next day.