The dished foam slab used in the Pet-O-Bed is of the highest quality.

If your pet likes to snooze in the sun or under the stars, there are also outdoor dog beds available for sale. Use cooling dog beds in the summer, to provide thick coated pups some much needed relief from the heat. You can also provide a more comfortable sleeping situation for your pup by taking your dog's sleeping experience to higher level, with cot or hammock elevated beds. Explore the possibilities and find the best dog beds and bedding for your pups at Petco.

Lucy and Luckie love their Pet-O-Beds! Occasionally, they have to wait until a cat vacates the beds

With the Go Pet Club Bed the risk of water damage to the memory foam is completely eliminated. Externally, the luxurious suede cover zips on and off for easy cleaning, and is completely machine wash safe. Most normal pet beds have to be washed as a whole and are nearly impossible to get clean. The covers are also non-allergenic so if your pet is prone to any foreign substances this bed keeps them away. We highly recommend the Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed to all pet owners!

got a few pet beds for my kitties. love t hese!

The last two photos are of Barney, another of my rescues, enjoying the Pet-O-Bed. Explore Petco’s variety of dog stairs, steps and ramps to help increase your pet’s independence and improve their overall joint health, when they need assistance getting to those out-of-reach places. Whether it’s up on the bed, into the car or onto your lap, canines love to jump and join you wherever you go. Unfortunately, repeated jumping can put stress on their joints, hips and back, exacerbating joint issues and other arthritic conditions. Dog steps and ramps can help providing easy access to their favorite spots and thus remove the need for jumping. Large canines who are especially prone to joint and hip problems can get relief and feel more confident in their footing with the help of dog steps. As an added bonus, dog stairs can also benefit other animals in your home in need of a little boost.

The dished foam slab used in the Pet-O-Bed is of the highest quality.

“The Mobile Pet Bed can be used in the car, on the ground and even to tote your pal around town. It won a design award alongside the iPhone and the smart car, so it has a pretty good pedigree.”
– Good Morning America

Q: Which style of bed will suit my pet?

Phantom is a 3 year-old English Bulldog. He is a feisty fellow who loves to play. Before we bought him
his first Pet-o-Bed a year ago, he thought that the parade of beds we brought home were wonderful --
as wrestling buddies. But now that he has his Pet-o-Bed, he uses his bed to rest up between playtimes.Ernie made it through Christmas, however, it was apparent on the 27th of
December that it was time for him to cross over the Rainbow Bridge to
heaven. We miss him terribly, but know that he certainly knew a bit of
heaven here on earth thanks to his wonderful foster mom Jennifer Basile
and his Pet-O-Bed.
One of our volunteers, upon seeing his initial photos, sent in a donation for
Ernie to have a good bed. I immediately thought of Pet-O-Bed, and
purchased one for Ernie, along with a second cover so he would never be
without the comfort of his bed.I am so impressed with the
pet-o-bed! My dog absolutely
loves the contoured center and
is always laying in that bed
despite having three other dog
beds in various rooms to choose
from! The cat has even started
curling up in the bed with the
dog. And the bed is as sturdy
as when we purchased it with
no sign of flattening. I will
definitely be promoting to all
my friends and family that the
pet-o-bed is the last dog bed
they will need to buy.