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So you have a concrete floor, perhaps in your basement or under your carpet in your home that seems to be permanently stained with pet urine, a.k.a dog or cat pee. You can smell or see pet urine stains that no matter how much you bleach or wash with vinegar don’t go away. It’s as if you have to settle with the fact that once dog or cat urine has seeped into concrete, it’s there forever. What’s worse is it seems to give off a permanent urine odor, constantly releasing stringing and offensive fumes. Let’s take a look at how we can remove pet urine from concrete the right way so that you have a clean smelling cement floor again.

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Cleaning cat pee out of carpets and large rugs that can't be thrown in the wash is a different game. While the agitation from the washing machine helps to throw the urine out of the fabric, so to speak, cleaning carpet is tricky. This is because, if you're not careful, you'll just sort of rub the pee in more. Thankfully, if the urine hasn't been there for too long, you may be able to save the carpet—or at least prevent the stain from soaking too deeply into the baseboard. Try the following before ripping any of your Berber up:

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Following these steps should remove the pet or dog pee smell from the carpet. Thank you so much for this recipe. I used the vinegar and baking soda mixture to remove urine stains and strong odors from my son’s carpeted room. It worked wonders! Both our puppy and our 2 year old are potty training and have peed on his floor several times a week. I made this concoction today (had to half it due to the size of my spray bottle), and I added 4 drops of lavender essential oil too. It worked like a dream. There’s a hint of lavender smell in his room and nothing else.

Ok, it happens… whether you have toddlers or pets, pee happens!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, the sub-floor can be ruined with pee stains. The stain you can see on the carpet is smaller than the actual stain underneath. A four-inch stain on top can hide a 10-inch stain in the padding or flooring. That’s why it’s important to stand on the towel and pick up as much of the urine as possible before treating, then do it again after treating, so you don’t leave a bunch of liquid under the carpet.

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If it's on a wood, tile, or linoleum floor use your normal cleaner, but be sure to go over the spot several times with a paper towel first. If you use your mop to clean up a pee puddle, it will most likely be just spreading the urine and scent around which also attracts them back to where they smell the urine, to pee again. If your pet keeps coming back to the area to use it as a bathroom you will want to try a product with live enzymes to remove the smell permanently. Be sure to spot check with the product first, as it needs to sit on the area and be allowed to air dry.Whether you get over the counter products or call in the pros, please don't put your house on the market if it stinks like pet pee. Your real estate agent — and your wallet — will thank you later.