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If your dog decides to play with the rope, soak it overnight in Bitter Apple Spray (found in local pet supply stores), a nontoxic substance with a taste dogs find unpleasant. Have faith! Soon your dog will be as potty-trained as a 6-year-old.

Teach your pup to sound the alert when it’s time to go out with Petco’s selection of dog training bells and potty sprays.

House-breaking your pet can be a difficult process. Nature’s Miracle House Breaking Potty Training Spray in conjunction with the tips below can go a long way towards making the process a little easier.

Spray the vinegar mixture lightly on carpeted areas in your house.

Shop at Petco for the dog training bells and potty spray that let your pup know when it’s time to go. Remove unwanted smells by using this puppy training spray on and around your dog's potty area. The bio-enzymatic blend is a safe pet odor neutralizer and will leave your nose feeling happy!"

Dog potty training should be started when your dog is still a puppy

You know that I love my . I use them They are very much part of normal family life around The Webb Household. And, you never know when you need a few on hand to whip up some kind of stellar throw-up or potty training spray like this one, got to make sure that I have plenty of those on hand. I just did rub-a-dub on my carpet with this recipe and it was fresher than it was before the mishap.

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