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The Indoor Radio Fence® system is an avoidance product designed to keep pets away from off limits areas inside the home such as a kitchen, nursery or furniture.

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This wireless radio fence containment system provides pets weighing 8 pounds or more with safe and effective containment protection. It provides an area of up to 180 feet in diameter (about ½ an acre) of containment.

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Get directions, reviews and information for Pet Radio Fence in Centralia, IL. 3 MODES OF OPERATION include SHOCK ONLY; SOUND ONLY; SOUND AND SHOCK TOGETHER. Only our exciting new RADIO MAT gives you a complete, versatile area restriction training system in one convenient product! One of the best features of all is that our innovative new RADIO MAT uses the exact same RC-8 Ultra-Slim Collar which works with all HUMANE CONTAIN ™ electronic pet fences. If you own or are considering a purchase of a Humane Contain ™ pet containment fence, order the Model RMT-1 RADIO MAT™ Transmitter pad for area restriction training and pet containment all in a single collar. The Transmitter Pad also works with the RX-10 Rechargeable, Multi-Function Collar.

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The MS-4, MS-5 and RC-8 Pet Collars are all part of our PAW family of products. The MS-4 (standard) and MS-5 (upgraded) collar each operate the Sound Barrier™ Indoor Sonic Fence, Yard Barrier™ Outdoor Sonic Fence and all our Power Pet™ Fully Automatic Pet Doors. The RC-8 Radio Collar operates Radio Mat and all of High Tech Pet's Underground Electronic Fences. All these products (SOUND BARRIER, YARD BARRIER, POWER PET DOORS, RADIO MAT, and ALL UNDERGROUND ELECTRONIC FENCES) may also be operated by the RX-10 radio containment collar to create your own custom Electronic Fence and Sonic Fence combination system.

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Today we're looking at the PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence. This is one of the few wireless fences on the market today. It is radio signal based. What that means is unlike a wired fence, you don't actually have to bury anything in your yard. You have this system right here which you put inside your house, and it sends out a radio signal that allows the dog to go up to 90 feet away from the transmitter.The first commercial underground fencing system to contain house pets within a predetermined area was patented by Richard Peck, owner of Invisible Fence Company in 1974. Peck’s underground fence was also the first borderless containment system used to contain livestock. In 1987 Peck successfully contained domestic goats to a limited area using receiving collars intended for household dogs. Invisible Fence, Inc. is currently owned by Radio Systems Corporation.