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The tall pet ramp offered by Royal Ramps is well-built, reliable and useful for small and medium size dogs. Users love the beautiful design and color and the fact that the tall bedside is easy to clean.

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One of the primary benefits of pet steps is that they take up less floor space than ramps to reach the same height. (They can be placed facing into or alongside a chair or bed which is great for tight spaces.) For healthy young and middle-age pets of any size, pet steps provide a great way to get up and down safely from sofas, chairs, beds or most any spot in the house.

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Solid Oak Pet Ramps for Beds Pet ramps are such a good idea! After several years of jumping up and down from things that are sized for humans (and sometimes even too tall for us), there has to be some wear on a pet’s joints. Even beds are really high off of the ground these days! I can see ramps as being very helpful for aging pets.

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Reduce your visits to the vet and prolong your pet’s health with cat stairs and ramps. Although your cat may be young and spry, landing on their feet from great heights can put a lot of strain and stress on their joints, spine and hips. If your cat accidentally lands incorrectly, it can also result in an emergency trip to the animal hospital. One way to reduce the chance of injury is by providing your pet with the proper amount of cat steps they need to reach their favorite places around your home. If your feline enjoys accompanying you overnight, cat stairs for beds can give them easier access.

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