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Otherwise, people will sometimes go to the pet store to find a rat. Sometimes the rats that are available in pet stores are actually there, and intended to be sold as, food for reptiles, like snakes. So, sometimes it's most ideal to consider going through adoption, going through a rescue organization, to try to pick out the type of rat that you want.

Learn about pet rat rescue and adoption from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast rat video.

I do not specialize in Specific colors per sey as a rat (or any pet) should not be adopted solely on color. I believe it should be adopted for the personality and compatibility with you!

Rat Lovers Club promotes education, rescue and adoption of pet rats.

Rats make fabulous pets! I’d love to adopt a couple if I lived closer! In fairness to everyone and in the best interest of animals waiting to find a home, we do not hold pets for adopters who are not prepared to complete an adoption at the time of the visit. However, a manager may place a hold on a pet when a visitor has an adoption in progress at the end of a business day that before closing. If you have met with the animal you wish to adopt, have completed the adoption questionnaire, and are simply waiting for an adoption counselor to process the adoption, and it is too close to the end of our open hours for that to be completed, the shelter may place an "administrative hold" on that animal until the next day. If you find yourself in this situation towards closing time, please ask about an "administrative hold."

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SAN JOSE (KCBS) – If you smell a rat in San Jose, you’re not alone. A local pet store has opened its doors to more than a thousand rescued rodents that an animal shelter hopes to make available for adoption just in time for the holidays.

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Rats typically live between 2 – 3 years and will require basic veterinary care and check ups. There are a few common health problems that rats develop so make sure you have a “rat knowledgeable” vet before adopting pet rats. Rats are naturally social so they should always be adopted in at least pairs. Because rats are so intelligent, they do require daily stimulation and interaction with us and should not be left alone in their cage for days at a time. Did you know that rats can actually become depressed if ignored and not given an adequate amount of playtime outside of the cage? Please take a few minutes to read our and learn all about the proper habitat for rats, good nutrition, safe bedding, and lots of other important information before deciding if pet rats are the right match for you!The rats listed in our Resident Ratties pages are not for adoption - they're either part of our breeding program or retired from it or have always simply been pets. If you are interesting in adopting from us check out our page.