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Domestic rats can often be cute, curious, and enjoy being petted if handled frequently. Rodent breeders often become fond of their breeding stock, and will give them Cheerios or vegetables as a special treat. However, domestic rats can give just as good of a chomp as a wild one if you catch them in the wrong mood. The most common type of bite in a domestic rat is the "Whoops, I thought you were snacks." This can be prevented by washing the scent of food off your hands before handling. This bite is usually minor. Rats also explore your hands by sniffing and nibbling gently. Sometimes the rat can get too excited or suddenly startled, causing it to bite. Holding it securely with the body fully supported in a calm environment will help lower the likelihood of this reaction. The worst type of bite is the deep one a rat will give if they feel threatened. This can be from fear of their life (about to get fed to a snake), to stress (over crowded cage), to a mama rat protecting her babies.

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Rats are some of the most intelligent animals that are a breeze to train. You can train pet rats with a little patience, a couple of props and plenty of treats. The key to training a rat is repetition. Once the rat learns a certain behavior will merit him a reward, he'll be willing to perform that behavior again and again. You can train pet rats with a few simple steps.

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On the clear table, place your cute little rat down, and with a treat in hand Hold the treat over the head of your rodent, if your pet ... This website does not purport to diagnose or treat your pet rat's health problems. Only a veterinarian familiar with rats can provide your rat's medical care.

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This website does not purport to diagnose or treat your pet rat's health problems. Only a veterinarian familiar with rats can provide your rat's medical care.

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We buy ours from our local pet store, but you can get these on Amazon as well. It’s worth seeing just how good the reviews are on these, so many people have said that their rats will pick these when given a choice against any other treat.Your pet rats don’t need treats if they don’t want them. Make sure you feed them a balanced rat diet and they will be fine. Rats are great pets, handle daily and you have have best friends.Rat fanciers disagree on the exact amount of fruits and veggies a rat should eat, but as little as 10 percent and no more than 20 percent of the total amount, by weight, of their daily food intake is recommended. You may have to experiment to find the best ratio of fruits and veggies for your rat. Always consult an experienced veterinarian regarding the health and treatment of your pets, including your rat's diet.Occasional treats are totally safe and appropriate for pet rats as long as they don't exceed 10 percent of your pet's diet, the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine says. Rats need rat pellet and mostly just that. Keep treat portions small; employ moderation at all times. Rats adore eating many "human food" items including cooked whole-wheat cooked pasta and whole-wheat bread, pizza crust, plain popcorn, chicken and egg. All of these items are fine in small portions for your rat.