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Some carpet shampoos leave residue on the carpet. While it is sometimes hard to see or feel, it can easily latch on to your pet’s fur or your child’s skin when they play on the floor. Fortunately, you don’t have to resort to harmful chemicals like these to have a clean carpet. Deep Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning prides themselves on using environmentally safe products that are phosphate free and do not contain any volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. By using an orange solvent as a base, these natural cleaning solutions produce impressive results while keeping your pets and family safe.

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If you take time to research the carpet cleaning process that most local companies use, you will find that some of the cleaning agents they use can be harsh on pets, kids, those who have respiratory issues and more. These are generally synthetic cleansers that may be effective at removing spots, but they also can be damaging to your family as well as the environment. Further, the cleaning process other companies use is typically wasteful of water. Our organic cleaning process for shampooing carpets, on the other hand, makes use of an organic cleaner that is all-natural and very effective. It is safe for everyone to be around, including those with respiratory conditions, young children and more. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning’s shampooing and steam cleaning process are designed to use less water and powerful suction to extract more dirt. While this process is entirely safe and organic, it is also incredibly effective at restoring the look of your carpet.

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Cleaning techs shampoo your carpets using organic, environmentally friendly solutions that are safe for kids and pets. Los Angeles. 70+ bought. $110 $44.

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