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Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, you're most likely running down your list of family and friends to buy gifts for and checking them off as fast as you can. When you come to the end, it's important that you don't forget about your furry friends at home. At Pet Paint, our pet hair dye is the perfect gift for dogs and dog lovers alike, giving people the creative freedom to paint their dog with safe, non-toxic dye that !Not only does our pet hair dye let you dress up your dog without the fuss of bulky costumes or tight doggy sweaters, it gives you the opportunity to try different designs on your pooch. If you have a shaggy dog, dress them up like Santa Claus, complete with a red coat and white beard. It's important to remember to take it slow the first time you use Pet Paint on your dog, as they may be skittish upon hearing the aerosol can for the first time and feeling the spray on their coat. Every pet hair dye product that we sell has been fully tested and is completely safe for your pup.When you're searching for a gift for work, for a friend that owns dogs, or just as a fun present for your own family, start at Pet Paint. Our products are the perfect solution for dressing up your dog for the holidays, and makes them a festive part of the season!

Pet Safe Hair / Fur Dye for Dogs - Lottie would be especially nice with Pink Accents

Critter Color is a new line of safe, wash-out hair (fur?) dyes for pets. You can rub the dye into the fur or dilute it and use it as a spray before drying with low heat. After that, your furry friend will be rocking a whole new ‘do, and will be ready to be an edgy distraction in their obedience classes.

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Jul 16, 2013 - Critter Color is a new line of safe, wash-out hair (fur?) dyes for pets Does this mean all human labeled products are safe for use on pets? Absolutely not! Believe it or not, there are groomers out there using hair bleach and oxidizing dyes on pets. Hair bleach is a toxic, corrosive chemical that can cause numerous injuries such as chemical burns, ocular irritation, and respiratory failure, just to name a few. Oxidizing dyes are defined as any dye that must be mixed with a developer (or water) prior to use. These dyes contain numerous carcinogens and toxic chemicals, such as salts of persulfates and should never be used on pets.

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Hair dye and pets do not mix. You may have seen photos of dogs that have had their hair dyed and noticed that some people think that it is cute. It is far from that for dogs because it can undermine their health and safety due to the toxic chemicals in the dye. Dyeing any animal’s hair or fur is wrong for a number of reasons.

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