Stay and Play Extra Wireless Dog Electric Fence Collar by Pet Safe

No, I'm sorry.
The in-ground fence collars aren't compatible with wireless systems.

If you would like a Stubborn Dog collar that will work with the PetSafe wireless systems, then you would get that collar

It's rechargeable, and compatible with both the PetSafe wireless fence system, and the PetSafe Stay and Play wireless fence system.


Find PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence Receiver Collar Charger in the Dog TrainingDog Training Collar | Brand : PetSafe | Pet Type : Dog | Waterp.

Have you ever read PetSafe extra collar for wireless containment for dogs 6″-28″ neck reviews? Well, did you know that many people choose it because of its numerous advantages?

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Wireless/Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence Collar Strap by PetSafe for the original PetSafe® Wireless Containment System™ and Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence. Our PetSafe Stubborn Dog Wireless Receiver Collar boasts the highest intensity available! Offering 5 levels of static correction plus tone-only mode for training. Additionally, this receiver collar is rechargeable which means instead of spending time and money buying replacement batteries, you simply plug the collar in and the quick charge will be ready in 2-3 hours. Great for multiple pet households, this receiver collar can be used to add another dog or as a replacement collar. Collar includes receiver charger, test light tool, contact point wrench, short & long contact points, and operating guide. This receiver collar is also waterproof.

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Hi Natalie…we had the inground petsafe fence and it worked great. We just moved…but have a very small lot. We have 3 dogs and are currently leashing. Even tho we brought the transmitter with us, the lot is too small. So we are looking at the wireless unit….Am I still able to use the same collars? Thanks for your help :)

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All of PetSafe’s wireless dog fences come with a collar that will fit any dog with a neck size of between 6 and 23 inches, making it possible to contain dogs of all shapes and sizes. The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment Receiver Collar is designed for use with the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System (sold separately). The receiver collar fits medium-to-large dogs and features 3 levels of static correction adjustable to pet's temperament plus tone only for training. The receiver collar is both waterproof and weatherproof to ensure long-lasting use. PetSafe’s wireless fences for dogs come with a collar that is rated as water-proof; this means they can withstand rain, snow, and even a short submersion in water. Water-proof does NOT, however, mean that your dog can go swimming with his collar on – after prolonged submersion in water, the collar will malfunction. If your dog loves playing in water, you need a water-resistant collar, such as the one that comes with the .The PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless collar offers individual correction for each dog on the system. The correction level is set on the collar itself.