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Fish scale disease is incurable. The most that vets and pet owners can hope for is to treat and control the symptoms, offering some relief to their cats. Cats can live a long life, but the presence of this disease can make them feel miserable until they are diagnosed and begin receiving treatment for their skin symptoms.

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The annual obesity prevalence survey is conducted by APOP. Veterinary practices assessed the body condition scores of every dog and cat patient they saw for a regular wellness exam on a given day in October. Body condition scores based on a five-point scale and actual weight were used in classifying pets as either underweight, ideal, overweight or obese. The latest survey included the assessment of 1,224 dogs and cats by 136 veterinary clinics.

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Shop Petco's range of pet scales for cats to quickly and easily find out your pet's weight so you can best monitor their health and wellness. Calabash, N.C.—March 15, 2016—Pet obesity continues to be a growing problem, affecting the majority of US dogs and cats. Research conducted in 2015 by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) found that approximately 58 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs were overweight or obese. Veterinarians are alarmed by the steady increase in pets classified as clinically obese. They are calling upon the veterinary industry to clearly define and classify pet obesity as a disease and adopt a universal Body Condition Score (BCS) scale for assessing pet obesity.

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How does your vet know if a pet’s weight has edged past normal and become unhealthy? Many use body condition scoring systems for both dogs and cats, such as a 1-5 point scale (with a “1” being very skinny, and a “5” being obese.) Where on the scale does your animal fall?

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