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Like all Scorpionidae, this species is an obligate burrower. Food is any animal smaller than themselves. In captivity, they will eat lizards and small mice. Pandinus imperator is unusually docile and very slow to sting. Although young emperor scorpions use their stings in a normal fashion, adults rarely use the sting to subdue prey, prefering to kill prey with their massive claws. Even when stinging in defense, adults may not inject venom. Though large in size, this species is not considered dangerous to humans. Nonetheless, they are venomous. All scorpions are viviparous, meaning that the babies develop within the mother, gaining nutrients for growth directly from her, and are born alive. In scorpionid scorpions, embryonic development is katoikogenic. That means that the embryos develop within specialized sacs on the female's overiuterus. A highly specialized structure connects the embryo's mouth to the female's digestive system. Parental care seems to be very important in this species. The young seem to exhibit increased survival when maintained together in family groups. Pandinus imperator is a very popular and common pet scorpion. They don't make much noise and are very good with children.

- Emperor Scorpions are most popular and common scorpion pet type and they are difficult to care for requiring specific humidity and heat needs.

I in love with my fat tail golden pet scorpion and i keep experimenting with feed. no doubt crikets are good, but if you higly venomous species like mine i bet you would enjoy their fight for survival with other spiders and mouths etc.

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When choosing a pet scorpion, the first thing to decide is which species would suit you best Before you even purchase or decide to keep as pet wild or captive bredscorpions, it is best to understand some basics of selection or you may end up with aticking timebomb!
(I strongly recommend buying from knowledgeable pet shop owners or dealers identifiedspecies. This reduces the pressure on natural population and gives you a better chance ofhaving a safe pet)
General guidelines
1) Scorpions with slender claws are to be chosen with caution as most belongto family Buthidae which contains some of the most venomous scorpions known. One of themost common is the Texas bark scorpion, It may be confusedwith Arizona bark scorpion, (previously)which has been known to cause some deaths in Mexico in 1930-1960s. Stings of both and is very painful. Death from stings of related species like is not unknown. However, I must qualify that their venom isnot as potent as those stated in (2) and so responsible and careful beginners may stillkeep them as pets.

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Scorpions belonging to the Genus Heterometrus are often as large as Emperor scorpions and should be kept in much the same way. They originate from forests in Asia and also make good pets, their sting is said to be of similar potency as that of Pandinus. The most commonly available species are Heterometrus spinifer (Thai Black) and Heterometrus javanensis (Javanese Jungle Scorpion).

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