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Pros: This convertible 4-panel pet gate is perfect for anyone who wants to secure spaces for their dog with a stylish, well-designed dog gate.This dog gate quickly and easily converts from a to a room divider to a freestanding gate. The gate caps can be locked at 90 degrees or 180 degrees, providing stability for the gate’s various forms. The gate even features a lockable door that you can use to restrict and control your pet movement.

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Being prepared is key to traveling with your pet. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your gate. Keep your accessories (coat, purse, laptop or other items you must carry) at a minimum so you will have free hands to handle your pet at security checkpoints. Take your pet out of the carrier after you have removed your shoes, belt, etc. and put your items on the table to be scanned. Be sure and carry a leash in the carrier to loop around your wrist to be sure that your pet cannot escape when you remove them from the carrier. Even calm pets can get nervous and scared when around groups of people and in unfamiliar environments.

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Crown Pet Freestanding Wood/ Wire 40 - 74.5-inch Large Span Pet Gate with Security Arms Pressure mounted pet gates refer to the method that the gate is installed into position. Installation does not require any mounting hardware or drilling and screwing into the adjacent surface. The gate or fence is designed to be held securely in place by tension. This is most commonly achieved by a turn-adjustment knob on 4-points of the gate; each side at the top and each side at the bottom. Pressure mounted gates allow you to move or relocate the gate with ease without any damage to the wall or doorway. These gates are also considered to be the easiest to install and work in a wider variety of scenarios within the home.

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The Premium Plus Freestanding Pet Gate with Door fits doorway and hallway openings from 34 in. to 63 in. wide. Plus, the specially designed walk-thru door opens in both directions and includes an upper/lower locking system to allow free movement and extra security. But the best bonus yet is the specially designed Side Panel that adjusts in increments of 10° to allow you more options for use in your home. Simply adjust the gate to fit your personal needs.

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At 29.4" high, the Tall Pet Gate with Security Arms securely confines small, medium and some larger sized pets and is available in Wood and Wire construction. The security arms rest against the restricted opening making it very difficult for the pet to dislodge or push aside the gate, particularly good for use on smooth surfaces. Another feature of the Tall Pet Gate is the rubber pads on the wood security arms that prevent marking walls. In addition, this gate is offered in two sizes, the Small Span extends from 27.6" to 50" Wide and the Large Span extends from 40.6" to 75.5" Wide. The support legs are 24.4" long and resist tipping and improve stability. They have rubber pads on the bottom to protect the floor and resist skidding. The gate has a sliding "adjustable-width" feature that makes it easily expandable to the width of your choice without using awkward hardware. The freestanding design means that no installation is necessary.Bindaboo® Zoe Extra-Tall Gate Extensions can be added to our Extra-Tall & Extra-Wide Hallway and Extra-Tall Auto-Close Pet Security Gates to extend the width for extra-wide openings to help make your home as safe and secure as possible for your pets.