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Yesterday, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced its next steps in the review of animal establishment licensing to modernise the current system and improve animal welfare. New regulations will make it clear that anyone regularly selling pets online, either through websites or classified adverts, will be required to have a licence. Previous regulations preceded the advent of the Internet, and had not kept pace with the fact a large proportion of the pet trade now takes place online and so this clarity is welcomed by animal welfare campaigners.

Or you could make your own dog or cat food and sell it to local pet stores, restaurants or even on your own website.

These were 10 sites like Craigslist for cars, jobs, pets and apartments in 2017. Classified ads have been around for ages. The small ads in newspapers, magazines and comic books were the first to let people post their ads through agents before the internet. Now there are a lot of websites like Craigslist that are freely available, and you can post your ads for something you are selling or for any job that you require or if you are buying something. This list includes the most popular sites like Craigslist with those ranging from the most popular eBay to sites like OfferUp which cater to local buyers and sellers.

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ASPCA asks consumers not to support pet stores, websites that sell puppies. Websites: Just like pet stores, most websites that sell dogs are selling mill-bred pets, and most of these sites market the puppies as well-bred and lovingly raised. No matter how convincing a website is, though, never buy a pet online.

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