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That’s why, in these cases, the only thing that will work is remote punishment, or punishment that employs a device that is always present. Take, for instance, the or . These are small, battery-operated devices that you place on the counter. It is motion sensitive, and when activated, lets out a sound that will scare the cat off the counter. It then resets itself. There are many other such devices that use heat and motion detectors, for example, like Scraminal, which can prevent a cat from entering an entire room if you want. On the do-it-yourself side, you can even use double-sided sticky tape, or an upside-down vinyl carpet runner. You can use anything that will consistently send the message that “this is not a friendly place to be!” At the same time, I am strongly opposed to anything that shocks or otherwise causes strong bodily discomfort. For instance, I object to The Scat Mat because it produces an electric shock that can seriously frighten and hurt a cat.

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Contech SKM411 Scat Mat Electronic Pet Training Mat, LargeOur older dog suddenly began sleeping on our living room and den couches. She knows better and only did it when we were not home. Dog is black and sheds heavily. Our couches are white and light beige. Enough said! Why she does this after 10 years of never jumping on the furniture? Who knows! Nothing worked until we got the scat mat. Bought a second and also a third "fake". Move them around periodically so she doesn't know what's real and what's not. She won't go near the couches now!!! Have only had the mats a few weeks. Am going to try removing them after a couple months. We'll see if that works. If not, we'll leave them on and remove them when guests come. Can't afford new furniture. These mats are a blessing. Not enough shock to be dangerous to our dog. Our vet approves....

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30x16 Electronic Pet Training Pad safe Repellent shock Mat for Dog Cat Indoor You may have noticed we highlighted the “shocked” word in the review introduction – there was a good reason for that, because this is exactly how the Scatmat works. When a pet activates the mat by standing on it, a tiny electric pulse is delivered, giving the cat a very brief, but memorable moment of unpleasantness. This makes the Scatmat ideal for protecting your indoor surfaces where cats tend to climb, for example windows, tables, furniture, kitchen areas etc.

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These are the real scat mats, not the pawz away version. The Scat Mat is a touch sensitive training mat which tells your cat or dog "No", even when you aren't there. PetSafe Scat Mats (formerly made by Contech) teach and train pets to stay away from areas where you don't want them by giving them a harmless little static shock. They have three levels of intensity that you can adjust for varying pet sizes or stubbornness. Put the clear vinyl Scat Mat in the doorway to a room, lay it across your sofa, or place it on your counters. It will keep your dog off of the couch! The Scat Mat will remain on guard 24 hours a day protecting your furniture from your pet. This is the best product on the market for keeping pets away from where they are not supposed to be.

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