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PetSmart persists as a lucrative source of employment in the pet care industry. As one of the largest pet supplies retailers in the U.S., the company constantly hires for entry-level and professional jobs. Employees of the retail chain often enjoy competitive pay scales and work benefits.

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By transitioning from an independent practice to employment with PetSmart, you stand to gain more financially. We offer a highly competitive hourly base rate for all of our professional Pet Stylists in addition to 50% commission for every pet groomed. While PetSmart provides you with all of the customers you’ll need for a full book of business, you’re encouraged to increase your earnings by bringing your existing clients to PetSmart and using our resources to tame their mane in-house.

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General Jobs in Knoxville at PETSMART Motivated applicants with enthusiasm for pets and aptitudes for sales fare best when applying for PetSmart. Job seekers should wear business casual attire to interviews and store visits and keep character references available upon request. Though most positions prove accessible without extensive prerequisites, strong resumes may catch the attention of hiring personnel. Candidates must also remain prepared for drug and background screenings. Web applications prove the standard method for obtaining employment at PetSmart. Job seekers typically must stand at least 18 years of age to apply online with the company.

General Jobs in Knoxville at PetSmart

Full-time employees working over 36 hours per week stand eligible for several job benefits with PetSmart. Health insurance, including medical, dental, and vision coverage plans, prove accessible to associates. Workers 21 and older, with six months of service and at least 1,000 hours on the clock, gain enrollment options for 401(k) retirement plans and may contribute up to 25% of each before-tax paycheck to funds. Employees may also enjoy time away from work for vacations, sick days, and holidays. Career benefits may extend to immediate family members, as well. Geographic region and age at time of employment may alter job benefits available.

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The business offers job seekers employment opportunities in several departments ranging in scope from pet food and toy retail to grooming services for animals. Retail employees sell both care supplies and extensive selections of live pets from the sales floor and workers must excel at helping customers make favorable buying choices. Many PetSmart locations also feature in-store veterinary, training, and daycare service for pets. Work hopefuls find plentiful career options in part-time and full-time capacities in each area of the store.We know how hard it is to strike out on your own. The constant hunt for leads, self-employment taxes, and health insurance worries are enough to drive you barking mad. Yet, we understand your need for independence coupled with stability. PetSmart provides reliable schedules for our professional Pet Stylists in addition to 401ks, medical and dental insurance, and paid time off.