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The sign was too late for Susan Blanas' black lab Baily. Her dog also became sick with the flu after a PetSmart stay last weekend. She says Baily was never quarantined. Instead, the dog was allowed to be groomed and go to the PetSmart kennel and day camp.

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Knowing canine influenza has been a big problem in the Chicago area for months, Rudy Tarafa asked PetSmart about it before dropping Lucky off at PetSmart's pet hotel last weekend.

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Precision Pet Courtyard Kennel at PetSmart. Shop all dog houses & pens online. Petsmart does not use "HEAT" cage driers. We use driers with room temp. We have specific dog breeds that should never be put into a kennel because of breathing problems, like shih tzus and yorkies. Other than that, we use the kennel driers to a minimum. We have a Force drier, that we use for a big portion of the drying process. then we use the kennel drier, or fluff drier, or even the regular hand drier for the rest of the process.

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Early in 2016, the program was moved to PetSmart Charities. Pets with a Promise continues to provide grant funding for services for families with pets, including vaccinations, pet supplies, and transportation related to boarding. They sponsor a Pet Fostering program for those Affiliates without kennel facilities. And, the program will underwrite pet sheltering at local approved facilities (PetSmart PetsHotels, other national chains, local kennels, veterinarians/pet hospitals and animal shelters), ensuring that the families we serve can board their pets at no cost to themselves or the Affiliate.

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Technically, PetSmart didn't have to pay, Douglas said. The spokeswoman said Gamauf-McCoy signed a master agreement when she checked Gabe into the PetsHotel that stated PetSmart was not responsible for animals who contract kennel cough during boarding.Douglas said PetSmart takes great measures to prevent the spread of kennel cough and requires boarded pets to have a Bordetella vaccination every six months, twice as often as the industry standard.