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PetSmart has helped stray pets find homes with families. Rather than selling dogs, cats, rabbits, and other larger animals in the store, PetSmart donates space to local rescue groups. Rescue groups are also provided with donations of food, litter, and other supplies. Fees from adoptions are collected by the groups themselves. With each adoption, PetSmart gives the new guardians a book which provides basic care information for their new pet. As of September 22, 2016, over 7,000,000 pets have been adopted through Petsmart adoption centers. Biannually, PetSmart hosts an adoption weekend featuring more adoptable pets than at any other time of the year.

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PetSmart Charities is also known for its Rescue Waggin' program. The program operates specially-designed trucks that transport adoptable dogs from areas that are overpopulated to partner shelters where adoptable animals are in demand. Rescue Waggin' operates trucks in the Midwest and the Northeast regions of the United States. The program has saved more than 10,000 pets since 2004.

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PetSmart in Lancaster, PA - East Lancaster #1448 | Your local pet store , a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, also raises money for local adoption groups, including groups for which it does not offer in-store space. In many stores, donations are collected at the register via traditional drop boxes. Some stores also ask customers if they wish to donate a dollar at the register when they use a credit or debit card. PetSmart charities also has an annual donation drive. Proceeds from Petsmart Charities events are given to over 3,400 adoption partners. PetSmart Charities claims that of the six to eight million pets collected by rescue agencies, three to four million are euthanized simply because they do not have a loving home.

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PetSmart Charities Inc. is set to award the Austin Humane Society the first of three grant installments totaling $227,000 to assist in funding AHS's new Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Program.

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Our Everyday Adoption Centers are part of a nationwide initiative to save more homeless pets. Since May 2010, PetSmart Charities has helped save more than 77,000 pets by opening Everyday Adoption Centers in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.Four times per year, PetSmart Charities works with Animal Welfare Organizations across North America to host pet adoption events within PetSmart stores. When you attend, you'll find dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small pets all in need of a lifelong, loving home. The amazing organizations we work with ensure each pet is spayed and neutered prior to adoption, giving you added peace of mind as you search for your new best friend.Adopt your next pet in a warm and welcoming environment. PetSmart Charities® Adoption Centers — in more than 1,300 PetSmart® stores — provide a clean, quiet and convenient place to get to know your new furry friend.PetSmart owns several brands which produce products for felines including cat food, which is considered a premium food. Additionally , , is comparable to top level brands such as Wellness and Blue Buffalo. Also available are lines of cat litter and litter-related products. and which produces cat and dog toys and furniture.