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Donate: WFCC has a donation barrel at Petsmart on Commerce Way in Woburn. Please drop off donations directly to us during our Saturday adoption hours (11:00-2:00) or email us to arrange pickup:

PetSmart provides Cat Grooming, Dog Grooming and Pet Sitting services in Woburn, MA.

I have been using PetSmart Woburn services (grooming and boarding) for over a year now and have never had an issue. I love their boarding services because my dogs enjoy day camp and with...

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Find the latest and greatest pet supplies at PetSmart in Woburn and keep your pet stylish and healthy. This PetSmart in Woburn is defintely a bargain compared to other daycare/boarding facilities and I'm pretty sure my dog is well taken care of when I've dropped her off for the day or night. She seems happy to have all the attention she gets there and they have reported that they all love her there. However, I do have a few concerns which will probably prevent from taking her back there again. In the two times I've recently boarded her there, the overwhelming odor of pet urine had completely inundated me when I went to drop her off. I've boarded at other PetSmarts before and this is the first location that has ever had any sort of odor, which tells me this particular location isn't clean. In addition, after one of my dog's stays she developed a skin infection and although in no way do I know that it is related to her stay at this location, she never had any problems prior and with the cleanliness issue it makes me wonder. Some draws back, due to the breed of dog I have (pitbull terrier) PetSmart's policy is not to let my dog into play group with other dogs while I know of many other daycare/boarding facilities that have no such policy. Also the dogs do not go outside to do their business but are taken to a "potty" room. Although I know both of these policies are to cover them for liability, there are better options to this. I'm kind of glad my dog isn't allowed to go into the play groups as I have observed these dogs seem completely bored. Despite packing 10-15 dogs into a tiny room, they barely play with each and simply are laying around the room. The attendant also only watches them and doesn't attempt to interact with the dogs at all. One last thing that is more of an inconvenience more than anything, on weekday mornings it is extremely busy dropping off first thing in the morning. I waited 25 minutes to check in one morning despite having a reservation due to them only having one associate working the hotel check in.

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