Product - Pet Gear Soft Step II for Dogs,Cats - Pink

Bear's Stairs™ Mini Carpeted 7 Step Pet Stair
This stylish mini-carpeted 7 step stair pet is the perfect solution for your pet. Allows small dogs go on to higher bed, sofa or armchair. Made on a solid wood construction is rugged and covered with a nice carpet.

Dog Steps For small dogs. Use pet stairs so pets do not have to jump off sofas or high beds.

If you don’t want to be awake at night to help Billy down or up the dog steps, this is the best solution. The steps in these Pet Gear products are wider and deeper to allow small and large dogs land comfortably. The anti-slip carpeting is completely removable for cleaning purposes, while the rubber pads at the bottom are designed to hold the stairs in place.

Product - Lucky Cat Small Solid Side 6 Step Pet Stair

30" tall x16" wide x 30" deep Dog steps, pet stairs. For small dogs or ... Veterinarians know that products offer valuable, preventative health care tools for at-risk pets, small breed dogs and cats and important healing and rehabilitative aid for elderly, injured or sick pets. Discover why we invented Puppy Stairs pet ramps and steps.

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Not too attractive and cannot be folded, but convenient rubber grippers will help to keep the stairs in place and those carpet treads can be easily removed for washing. Steps themselves are a little hard (treads are thin) so should not be used for dogs with arthritis or joint problems. Step II is suitable for small, medium and even large – but not too large – dogs, which is also indicated by their wide-step design. Oh, and they're very cheap!

Keep you from straining your back from all the lifting

Royal Ramps foam is also weight rated. Large dogs can use the stairs and ramps just as successfully as smaller animals. In fact, one of the quality assurance tests employed is for people to walk on the stairs without damaging them. This design standard is so important because for many animals, those with health conditions or who are older, a supportive surface that will not sink due to weight application is necessary. Sinking may cause pets to lose their balance, and be unable to climb up or down the stairs without risk of tripping or falling. Sinking foam also places unnecessary or even dangerous pressure on joints. This weight rating then offers safety and security, and is recommended by veterinarians.Bear's Stairs™ Midi Carpeted 5 Step Pet Stair
Practical lightweight portable 5-step stairs intended for smaller, older or disabled dogs. It is made of durable plywood covered in bluish plush cut-pile carpet. Stairs have pentagonal sides with anti-slip feet.