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Pet Steps with Storage make it easier for your dog or cat to get up onto the bed or sofa. The wooden unit is perfect for smaller dogs, older dogs, or those who have difficulty jumping. Lift the top of each step to reveal a storage compartment.


The BEKVÄM step stool ticked all the boxes except the lower step was far too narrow and Gracie couldn’t figure out how to climb it, which I pretty much expected. I took the offending step down to my local . I explained my problem and the great guys at Rona cut me a new deeper step. What I didn’t compensate for was that the stool was not designed to handle weight that far out from its center of gravity. The first time Gracie ran up the stool it wobbled badly and threatened to tip forward. Gracie freaked and I was very angry at myself for not realizing this problem before it happened. Fortunately I had just enough wood left over from building her a to create two legs to support the front of the new step. A trip down to my local S.P.C.A. Thrift store and a rummage through the linens bin produced a nice, nubby, woven table runner. I cut the runner up and used carpet tape and staples to securely fasten the cloth in place on both steps to make them non-slip. It took Gracie a day to get over her fright from the first time she used the steps but she has been bouncing up and down them without any issues ever since.

Step UP Pets - Plush unicorn kid's step stools

Dog Steps for Bed. Wooden pet stairs stained with walnut finish. For small to medium breeds. Folds for storage. Designer 3 Step Pet Stair with Storage
Make your surrondings more pet-friendly with this functional pet stair (3 steps with carpeted surface) but also get some additional storage space - and all that in a choice of different finishes! The stair will hold 200 lbs effortlessly.

The Three-Step Pet Stool is made of beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo

Pet Stairs - This isn't my DIY, my Dad made it. I wanted a set of steps for our little dog so she could get up on the bed on her own. I found that most store bought steps were ugly and/or expensive. So I enlisted my Dad's help, told him what I wanted and

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