Working with Pet Stores to Promote Rabbit Adoptions over Rabbit Sales

While there are many fine product-only pet supply stores, Best Friends recognizes the businesses listed on this page for their efforts to help homeless pets by hosting mobile adoption events in their stores, or adopting out animals themselves. When you shop at these stores, please let them know that you are supporting their businesses because you appreciate their efforts to help homeless pets.

Setting up the supply infrastructure to adopt rabbits through Pet Stores can be expensive.

Companion animals should be considered members of our family, so it makes sense to call it “adoption” when you bring one into your home. But what does “adoption” mean, exactly? It means saving one of the more than 6 million cats and dogs or countless other animals who enter U.S. animal shelters every single year. And it means never buying dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds, guinea pigs, mice, or any other living being from a pet store or breeder.

Kahoots Pet Store Adoption Event – Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue

There are many reasons to adopt a pet rather than buy one from a pet store. Many pet supply stores, Petco included, hold regular weekend in- pet store adoption events with local rescue groups. In addition, many Petco stores have standing adoption areas where you can adopt a cat or small animal any day of the week.

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This is a great way to adopt because you have the opportunity to get hands-on advice from knowledgeable associates who can help you select bedding, food, water bowls, collars, harnesses—anything and everything to make your new family member feel comfortable in his new home. When it comes to cats, they can help with litter box styles and shapes, as well as types of litter. They can also help you find the ideal ID tag for your pet’s collar before you leave the store.

WeRescue – Find a Rescue Dog, Cat or Pet to Adopt on the App Store

Shelter Hope Pet Shop was created to aid shelter pet adoptions, promote education and bring awareness to the communities we serve. We are the first and only volunteer humane pet shop partnering with companies, such as NewMark Merrill, who donate store front space in busy shopping locations in order to assist us with community outreach and shelter pet adoptions. Shelter Hope Pet Shop is a unique, large scale business model, which aims to eliminate puppy mill pet shops in our malls across the nation.Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop pet store in Culver City was conceived in support of a single belief: all pets deserve a loving home. Our largest Adopt & Shop location opened its doors on May 12, 2014 in Culver City. Adopt & Shop is truly a one-stop adoption and shopping experience. We are the only nonprofit pet retail store in California that offers pet adoption, dog daycare, dog grooming, dog training, and a complete line of quality and unique products to support happy and health pets. Since our adoptable dogs and cats come from local shelters, every adoption saves the life of an at-risk animal, and gives them an opportunity to live a fulfilling life in a loving home. Adopt & Shop is dedicated to giving every animal the happiness and love they deserve, without exception. We love each of our animals, and get a sense of fulfillment every time we see them placed in the perfect home.