Husky dog watches mice and rats in a pet store

Once finished with this month and a half of special care, the mice can live independently of their mother. If you plan to keep them, make sure you have enough cage space--one average sized cage per two mice--and if you keep the males, don't separate them or they'll more likely fight when they get older (at which point you can read my article on the alpha mouse). Fliers, pet stores, and friends are still the best options for the mice you can't keep. Craigslist is sketchy, but it offers exposure.

But housing ultraclean lab rodents with “dirty” mice from pet stores could help

I'm feeling very frustrated with the local pet shop. I knew one of my 3 mice were pregnant (we just got them 4 weeks ago and tried to get 3 females but they said they couldn't guarantee the sexes) and I went in to buy another cage to separate the dad before birth and she told me not to do this that it was fine and if I didn't want more mice (which she enthusiastically offered to take all the babes when weaned) and that he might be helpful to her and that I had time to separate them. The mice were born sometime lastnight and after reading articles of how I can support mama I immediately went down and removed the male and have him in a make shift home for the night. I really really hope this new mom didn't get impregnated in the last 24 hrs. I do not trust this pet store now and wish I'd just separated them before birth!!

Stupid pet store sold me 2 PREGNANT mice!!!!!

In various countries mice are used as food for pets such as , , ,  and , and many pet stores carry mice for this purpose. Since your mouse will spend most of its life in an enclosure, it will also need a few other accessories (such as an exercise wheel) to keep it healthy and properly stimulated. Most pet stores have toys especially designed for mice.

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White Mice Playing at Petco Pet Store ~ It's a Rodent's Life