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There are no pet stores. There are no zippos. There is no flick off on the street. There are no safehouses to buy. There is no usable gym. There are no Hydras (appearently). There is no Arcade or pool. There are no interiors. Chop is useless unless you have a Iphone.

There is lots of glitches. There are only 3 clothing shops. There are not as many haircuts and tattos as i expected. There are not those many car/gun customisations...

Basicly, there's a lot of sh*t people said that was going to be on the game that are either not there or just are not the way they should be. Therefore GTA V is below expectation.

GTA 5 Pet Stores - posted in GTA V: A source stated that you can actually buy pets in GTA 5

maybe online.. im hoping they took out content for gta V to put in gta online.. and i think dogs maybe one of them.. other then that i have no clue.. all i know is there's a video on youtube that shows a pet store.. if your up for finding it.. i would love to know.


posted in GTA V: is there any pet stores where i can buy toys for chop Would love to hear where you brought your pup to socialize, and any stores that allow dogs in the GTA. Bonus if you know whether Eaton mall is accepting of pets

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Hello rockstar games. I would just like to present to you a few ideas that me and a few people came up with that we think would make GTA Online better. Starting with a workout gym without being killed(gain muscle),Pets,Public Pools(can't b killed),pizzarea or something to actually eat inside,a car dealership or two(can't b blown up,mansion with indoor pool & basketball court,personal helipads/docks/hangar,give cops option to arrest u or shoot u,bowling alley like gta4,pool,out to drink like gta4,more/higher rollercoasters & rides,gloves & backpacks,pet stores,casinos,bars,skateboards,skate parks ,beach party's,motor cross,fight club,paintball gun/arena,ability to make on crew logo/emblem,cars are the Camaro,Mistubisbi lancer,Dalorean,and the Lexus LFA. Thank you for viewing this I hope you take these thoughts and put them into action. :)

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