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Most importantly, if you have a cat, never leave your bird unsupervised with it; cats instinctively stalk birds, and the consequences can be deadly. The helpful associates at Pet Supermarket can answer any questions you have regarding bird care. Pet Supermarket also has everything you need to create the perfect avian environment, from cages and accessories to foods and treats. Come in and see our selection today!

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Symptoms such as weakness, bleeding, trauma, labored breathing, seizures, or collapse should be viewed as emergencies, and you should take your bird to the vet right away. For more information on birds and bird care, visit the associates at Pet Supermarket. They can help you keep your pet bird happy and healthy!

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Small Animal - Other Small Animals - Page 1 - PetSupermarket Remember, each bird is different, and each will require a specific diet. For more information, just ask the staff at Pet Supermarket. They can provide everything you need to ensure that your bird’s health and happiness.

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Remember that birds typically have a longer life span than most pets, so choosing a cage of the highest quality materials available will be worth it in the long run. The staff at Pet Supermarket is ready and waiting to help you choose the perfect cage and supplies for your particular breed of bird.

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Your bird’s cage is one of the most crucial purchases you can make for your pet. It will serve as her home for many years, so make sure it offers enough protection to keep her safe and healthy. If you need a new cage, visit your nearest Pet Supermarket for a broad selection.The staff at Pet Supermarket can answer all your questions about compatible birds, and will help you choose all the best cages, toys, foods, and other supplies to make your home aviary a success. Soon you’ll be surrounded by the sound of happy, healthy chirping!