10 Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Pet's Teeth

"I hope to give people the same relief I now feel to know I can have pets up through the end of my life, and know they will be taken care of after I'm gone," she says. "One lady laughingly commented after she signed up, 'Wow, this is so cool, I can’t wait to die!'"

Why do the homeless have pets when they can barely take care of themselves?

"It wasn't cheap for me to take on the care of these dogs, but it was the right thing to do," says Treneer, owner of Angels Pet Sitting Service.

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If you are worried about who will take care of your pet after you are gone, please read about our  service. Having pets is a great way to make children not only more responsible, but also empathetic to the needs of others. By nature, children are focused mostly, if not exclusively, on their own needs, so having to take the time to care for a pet will have a great influence on their personality, as well as teach them to focus on others' needs too. You can ask, for example, for your child to pay attention to the pet’s mood and let you know if the pet seems sad or sick, so the two of you can take it to the vet. This exercise may seem simple, but it teaches your child a very important lesson – to be sympathetic with other people’s needs and feelings.

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If your child is older than six, you should allow them to pick their own pet, whether it’s a dog, a cat or a guinea pig. However, before the trip to the pet shop, it would be wise to take a trip to your local library or bookstore to get a book about the pet your child has chosen. Ask your child to read the book and then share the information from the book with you. Take note of his willingness to do so, as well as just how thoroughly he understands the information in the book. If he doesn't pay much attention to the book's contents, or breezes over it in just a few moments, chances are this is a good indicator of how he well he will take care of the pet. This doesn't mean he doesn't truly want it, but the excitement of the pet, along with the energy put into taking care of it, tends to fade fairly quickly.

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This is a fun story that take children on a visit to a pet shop to find the perfect pet. After reading the story go back and make sure to discuss how would they take care of each pet. Review the resources below.We take great pride in providing the peace of mind to our clients that our dedicated and experienced staff will love and care for your pets as if they were their own while treating your home with the utmost respect that it deserves. With Pet and Home Care, you’ll get top quality service and reliability to cover all of your needs for life. We’re here for you!