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Unfortunately, there’s no instant miracle to remove tear stains on your pet, however, there are ways to teach pet owners like yourself how to clean the stains that your pets currently have, and also how to help improve and avoid future staining in other areas. Each pet and breed will have varying results when it comes to removing tear stains so it’s important to be patient and understand that the removal process will take time. Take a look at these from the use of Tear Stain Remover.

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NaturVet Tear Stain Remover is a topical, gentle, water-based, wiping solution for removing tear and saliva stains from your pet’s fur. Helps unsightly stains for beautiful, healthy eyes and coat. May be used on a regular basis.

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Eye Envy Ultimate Tear Stain Removal Pet System .. In addition to these options you can find herbal or all-natural tear stain removers at your local pet store or online. Be careful when cleaning your dog’s face to avoid getting anything into his eyes, and when in doubt of your shaky hands, ask your groomer for help.

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Angels' Eyes Natural Soft Chew Tear Stain Remover is specifically developed for dogs and cats to eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out. Other products are topical requiring high maintenance and yet will only remove the tear stains temporarily causing it to return worse than before. Angels' Eyes Natural Soft Chew Tear Stain Remover never adds food dyes, wheat, or corn which may have negative effects on your pet. The active ingredients in Angels' Eyes Natural Soft Chews are a proprietary blend composed of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Angels' Eyes Natural Soft Chews are extremely flavorful using chicken liver to please your feline and may help keep tear stains away by reducing oxidation released through tear ducts. So help give your pets tear stain free eyes and a bright coat naturally!

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Dealing with stains and dark spots around your pets eyes? We have the solution that thousands of pet owners use regularly with great results. Whether your dog be a maltese, poodle, bicorn, or any other breed, their facial hair around the eyes is very prone to bacteria infection, staining, and discolor. Tear Stain Remover PLUS is made from all natural ingredients and will not harm your pet, guaranteed.If your dog has markings near its eyes, it may need treatment for tear stains. Tear stains, the reddish-brown marks found around and under your pet's eyes, are most common in lighter-colored dogs and are caused by a reaction between excess tears and your pet's normal skin bacteria. Thankfully, there are simple ways to prevent or remove tear stains using natural ingredients that won't irritate or harm your furry friend.There are many problems associated with dark and dirty eyes on pets. The good news is that their is a solution. Evolutions dog tear stain remover PLUS will work wonders, our guarantee. The dark color issues around eyes and clogging of the tear ducts, especially in smaller pets has been so common that some sometimes people think they are normal, well they are not. In fact they are a health issue. Smart owners know how to make their pets look great whether it be maltese, poodle or bicorn staining is easy to prevent. You can expect result in about 2 to 3 weeks. We guarantee results! are molecules containing iron that occur naturally in your pet’s body. In most cases, these waste products are removed from the body through your pet’s bowel movements, however, in dogs and cats, porphyrin can also be removed and excreted through urine, saliva, and tears. As porphyrins escape through saliva and tears, staining will naturally occur over time and will even darken when exposed to sunlight.