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You really don't need a bunch of attachments just to make your dog bicycle trailer look complete and all jazzed up. But if you really want to add more color and functionality to your simple trailer, there are several attachments and accessories that you can use to make sure that your pet has everything he needs before you hit the road.

The Booyah Small Dog Pet Bike Bicycle Trailer will let you bring your small dog along for the ride.

Riding in cars with dogs is much easier than on bicycles, because you don't have any problems with fitting your pooch them. For a bicycle, you want a dog bike trailer, and what you also want is to ensure that this bike carrier for dogs will be safe, secure and comfortable for your pet. In reality, dogs love bike rides, especially if the owner can provide those dogs with means to travel and truly enjoy an adventurous bicycle ride.

Dog Bicycle Trailer: HoundAbout II Bicycle Trailer for Dogs

Works for most bikes of all wheel sizes. Owner’s manual specifies more.Click here to learn more about the  of bicycle pet trailers. The trailer is fashioned from a coated steel structure and water-resistant polyester with anti-slip leather flooring. Your pet can simple enter via a zippered hind opening. The forward-facing opening has a zippered net canopy sheet and a vinyl shell to prevent any breeze and climate changes from affecting the trailer internally. The reflectors are added on all the sides for more security in dark nighttime environments. The safety flag is for boosted visibility.Click here to learn more about the that bicycle pet trailers are made of.

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The steel structure is well-coated and industrial textile material such as the polyester and anti-slip leather flooring for the actual carrier shows how durable the product is; as for the warranty, it lasts for one year from day or purchase.Click here to learn more about of bicycle pet trailers.

Wike Wagalong Pet Trailer - $400.00.

Why a pet bicycle trailer? Because taking your dog with you while cycling is a great way for the two of you to bond and it’ll be immensely enjoyable for both of you.There are many different makes and models of pet bicycle trailer on the market, all with different specifications. However, choosing a bicycle trailer for your dog is quite simple, and just by identifying the key points of each dog trailer and matching them to your requirements you can quickly narrow down your search to just a couple of models.If your pet has , is recovering from surgery or is just slowing down due to old age, a bicycle trailer for dogs gives you the opportunity to keep fit while at the same time transporting your pet safely and securely.The Solvit HoundAbout II 62394 is a simple and effective solution for taking pets on bicycle trips, eliminating the need to a pet to the bike, which is good for older dogs with joint problems that cannot run. The HoundAbout features an extra-wide wheelbase for stability. It also features a rustproof aluminum frame, as well as a polyester cabin with a zippered mesh layer for airflow, and a zippered vinyl layer for protection from the elements. The interior cabin space is 26 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 20 inches high, and features a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs. Finally, the HoundAbout trailer transforms into a stroller with the Stroller Conversion Kit.