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The PETKIT Mate Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Pet Video Monitor enables users to speak, view, listen and play interactively with their pets from just about anywhere in the world. The mate features a durable shell casing with a built-in 720 HD infrared night vision controlled video camera monitor and a built-in interactive laser for playing with your dog or cat while you're away. This device further features built-in speakers and a built-in microphone for dual way communication and all controlled on your smart phone device. Simply install the PETKIT application available for download on all Android and IOS devices, then select the mate sub-application and select your Wi-Fi network and you're done. This device completely rotates 340° with both controlled up and down video motions which enable users to place this device on all surface heights, the bottom of this device features led lights that turn on when being used. Now you can speak, listen, watch and play with your pet and even capture videos and photos directly onto your smart phone device. Furthermore, the PETKIT application features a social active platform that enables users to chat, share, post and like videos and photos with your friends and family. The PETKIT mate also allows multiple users with granted access to monitor the very same device.

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This wireless video monitor features pan and tilt to help you get just the right angle for keeping an eye on your pet and offers remote viewing via your smartphone, PC or tablet.

PETKIT MATE Smart Video Pet Monitor

In Home Video Pet Monitor Who doesn’t like fun? Not us! In fact, Helmet video monitor has several fun features for the pet owners. First, there is the built-in laser beam that we found pets go crazy for. You can choose between manual mode, straight line, circular or infinity pattern. Also, features a social platform where you can post your photos or videos, see what other users post, and like, or comment!

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One of the best ways to ensure the safety and protection of your pet is with a pet video monitor. With a pet video monitor, you can keep an eye on your pet at anytime, from anywhere. Whether you are at work or out for the evening, you are able to see and talk to your pet instantly. You can even check your pet’s food and water bowl levels, to see if they require an immediate refill. With our Helmet Monitor, you can do all of this. Our pet video monitor even allows you to play with your pet using the remote laser chase toy. You can view our entire Helmet Monitor collection and learn more here: .

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Petcams are a great to keep an eye on your beloved pets when you're away, and the Vuezone remote video monitoring system offers simple and affordable peace of mind for pet-lovers. In minutes, you'll be able to create your own personal pet monitoring network, viewable from most smartphones, tablets and Internet browsers. Enjoy peace of mind on the go with the izon 2.0 Remote Room Monitor. This innovative and elegant video camera enables you to view and listen to your dog, cat, or any pet from anywhere in the world on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Android device.