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Welcome to the Small Pet Feeding Accessories superstore! While most small pet feeding components are designed with simplicity of use in mind, your set up may require some additional accessories to get the most out of your feeding bowl or water bottle. Our selection of feeding accessories for rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret, and rodent cages features universal water bottle holders and deluxe glass drinking tubes designed to make your life easy while keeping your furry friend healthy and hydrated!

Pet Mountain's Small Pet Feeding Accessories store features top quality products from the most trusted names in small pet care, feeding supplies and cage accessories, including Super Pet and Oasis. The is the universal fit bottle bracket that attaches to any type of cage. Water Bottle Holder slides onto wire cages, hangs on any aquarium, or attaches to wooden walls with a screw.

The is a standard bottle guard with hook & loop tape for more secure installation. Metal Oasis Basic Holdguards are uniquely designed to hold and protect water bottles against chewing and gnawing damage. The metal retainer ring flips down to secure the bottle in the holder. Sturdy plated steel construction prevents gnawing animals from damaging the bottle or cap. Use the adjustable strap hanger and bend to fit most cages, carriers, and glass cage habitats.

The is a slender glass drinking tube with a tight-fitting rubber stopper, glass sipper tube, suction cups and a versatile metal hanger for easy mounting. It's ideal for hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, African pygmy hedgehogs, sugar gliders & similar exotic pets.

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The Living World Water Bottle Holder is the perfect tool to make your pets water bottle stay secure on its cage. The holder comes complete with chew guard which shields and protects the bottle. It is both sanitary and rust-resistant, making it is suitable for cages or aquariums. The Living World Water Bottle Holder is equipped to hold most 8 fluid ounce bott

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Pet Cage Water Bottle Holder by ddsitzmann is licensed under the  license. We recently bought two Dumbo rat babies so that our Albino Feeder rat turned pet, Benny, would have some friends. However, they don’t entirely get along so they are currently in separate cages and I had to buy them another water bottle. Rather than paying another $6 for a water bottle holder, we made our own from a wire hanger. Not bad for 5 minutes worth of work. 🙂 Click the Instagram button below to see a lot of cute pics of our ratty babies.

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I might try the water bottle holder from petco. I saw it on their website and was not sure it would work for a tank or if it could be adjusted easily at all.

Super Pet Water Bottle Holder Fits 4oz or 8oz Bottles