PetGuard offers USDA Certified Organic dog and cat food.

I am using the non-vegetarian Petguard Lifepath organic version w/chicken. .
I wanted to leave my comments.. First off, I highly disagree with this review, and I want to say first that I am very passionate about feeding dogs the right foods and ensuring their proper development, growth, and general health thruout their lives.. I also want to say this site has given me lots of information about dog food and I am grateful for this site, however I really feel some of the information here is contradictory.. For example, soybeans are not proven toxic or allergenic to dogs, and you will find in the research/literature that literally every source of food has been documented as potentially toxic to dogs, even meat such as chicken. I think it is wrong and unfair to label soybeans, especially when they are of this good quality, I am speaking of non-gmo and organic, as harmful; they truly are not and I will let you do the research to find out for your own knowledge.. I also don’t like/believe the claim that simply because a food is listed a quarter of the way down the ingredients that it doesn’t affect the quality or nutrition, again this is simply an opinion without any fact or evidence behind it. You wouldn’t put the same amount of cranberries as you do chicken that is common sense, you see? You really need to come to your own conclusions and be intelligent when you are going thru this site..

PetGuard* Chicken Jerky is certified USDA Organic and contains more than

PetGuard® Organic Vegetarian is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Profiles for maintenance of adult dogs.

PetGuard Organic Vegetarian Dry Adult Dog Food -- 4.4 lbs - Vitacost

GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are not used in PetGuard products. PetGuard's organic line is made with more than 95 percent organic ingredients. Its all life stages dog formula does contain whole ground soybeans, which I consider to be a negative, but at least they are organic. The company also makes an organic vegetarian formula for dogs that is free of soy.

What is PetGuard® organic Vegetarian Dog Food

As a former natural foods retailer, I see PetGuard’s distinct advantage is that we have the background to understand the consumer’s health concerns and buying habits as related to the natural foods industry. The PetGuard commitment is to offer the appropriate products and support to the small business owner and emerging natural foods retailers nationally.

Early on, many believed that those who championed natural foods represented a fringe movement promulgated by the few. Today, the tremendous growth and demand for natural and organic products has mainstreamed, having a major impact on redirecting consumer attitudes towards positive health maintenance, a demand for safer and more humane farming practices, more abundant natural food selections and fewer processed foods for themselves and for their companion pets.

PetGuard Organic Chicken & Vegetable Formula ..