Dwarf Hamster Care - How to Take Care of Your Dwarf Hamster

Went to Pets At Home and brought myself 4 Russian Dwarf hamsters. In this video you will see me unboxing them for the first time and putting them in their new cage :)

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In this video we pick up our new adopted Russian dwarf hamster from Pets at Home in slough. She is an adorable Winter white hamster and at the time of this recording is turning grey, brown on her back.

We are thinking of names for her so if you know any names for her please leave a comment in the comments below.

In our video of our winter white dwarf hamster we pick her up from pets at home slough and take her back to her new home.

Its a female Russian Dwarf Hamster that was bought by her previous owner only to be left for a week and then returned. So we adopted her!

She is only 12 weeks old and is a Russian winter white dwarf hamster that is changing color from white to grey at this time of recording.

We are keeping her in the COMBI Cage for now until her new cage arrives which will be the Ferplast Duna Cage. You can see our reviews of these cages on our website at

Once we finished this video we left her to get used to her cage for 2-3 days before beginning to handle and tame her. This is because she needs time to become used to her new surroundings and it becomes easier to tame her later.

We are still thinking of Russian dwarf hamster names for her so if you can think of any please leave a comment below.

The winter white hamster is known as a Russian dwarf hamster or djungarian hamster and has fluffy feet. The main difference between a winter white hamster and a Campbells is the fur change in the winter.

We have 2 male Russian Campbell's dwarf hamsters at home who will make great friends with our new winter white dwarf hamster. We will not allow breeding.

To see more about how to care for Russian dwarf hamsters and winter whites see our website at

Our new dwarf hamster will be loved for very well and will have a big dwarf hamster cage with a silent spinner and a lot of attention. She will be handled at least once a day and cared for like a queen. :D

The pets at home box our winter white dwarf hamster came also had sawdust and materials that she recently stayed in. We kept these and added them to her new temporary cage to help her settle in to her new home. If you can think of an awesome Russian dwarf hamster name for her please leave it in the box below! Thanks for watching

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sure to clean the accessories too (wheel, potty, hamster house, etc).

the first thing she does when she comes home from school is check on him! Hi i have a Chinese dwarf hamster he keeps biting which im used to know but i have noticed he cant climb his small ladder or grip the wheel properly and when i give him treats his nails so like multiple pin pricks on my hand. does anyone know what could be wrong with him. I asked pets at home where i purchased him from and they dont wont tp know. Any help would be great thanks

Dwarf hamsters are social and like to live in pairs

Can Russian dwarf hamster eat kiwi? Pets at home told me to feed them a little kiwi every day as source of water. Are they wrong to have said that? Thanks

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