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Proofing your home is essential if your plan is to have your guinea pig play outside of his or her cage. This entails taking the necessary precautions to avoid exposing your pet to potential household hazards. Guinea pigs are notorious chewers, so electric cords should be out of reach, and there should be no access to area mats or rugs. Parts of accessible furniture should be covered, and small toys and trinkets should be put away. Other pets in the household may attack or play rough with your guinea pig, so they should be kept in a separate area. Also, children should be supervised when interacting with your guinea pig as they may accidentally injure the pet.

Feb 3, 2017 - If you have other pets, be sure that your guinea pig's home is out of their reach

Founded in 2005, the North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 New Jersey public charity, that is dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted and abandoned guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and other pet rodents. We educate people about the care of pocket pets, and try to find "forever" homes for the animals in our rescue, no matter how long it takes. We are a no-kill rescue that fosters guinea pigs, hamsters, and other pet rodents in a network of private homes. We do not support animal breeding and will only adopt singles or non-breeding pairs to loving homes where they will live as indoor pets. Hours are by appointment only.

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Guinea pigs pets at home The Eglu Go Hutch comes complete with a 1m run, suitable for two to three guinea pigs to run around in. Made from strong, steel weld mesh, it is virtually impossible for predators to break, and the removable anti-tunnel wire base will prevent predators from digging in. The unique tunnel-proof panels have been proven in rigorous testing to be fox and badger resistant, so you can be sure that your pets are safe even when you are not at home. Depending on the size of your pet, the underfloor wire may not contain them if positioned on uneven ground. You should always try to place the run on the flattest ground possible. If the run does not sit completely flat you can peg it down for extra security.

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Choosing your new pet
Before welcoming Piggy into your home, it’s a good idea to read up on guinea pigs and their care. Also, find a veterinarian in your area who is comfortable treating guinea pigs; not all of them are.
Your new guinea pig should be at least six weeks old before bringing him home. Guinea pigs can already breed at this age, so be sure not to keep a male and female in the same cage unless at least one is neutered. (Check with your veterinarian for more information about getting your pet spayed or neutered.)
Guinea pigs come in a variety of colors and coats from which you can choose. They may be a solid color, or a combination of two or three colors. Their coat may be short, long, silky or whorled. There are even hairless guinea pigs! If you choose a long-haired guinea pig, be prepared to help him groom himself by combing him once every two or three weeks.

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