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Choose a Full-service bath or bath with haircut with Express Service for no kennel time. Perfect for senior, special needs or nervous pets. Must purchase with a full service bath or bath with haircut.

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Your pet will be bathed in warm, soapy water using our gentle hand held sprayer which not only ensures they are thoroughly washed, but helps enhance the effectiveness of the shampoo, and gently messages your pet. We use a variety of shampoos that are gentle on your pet’s skin including Fresh & Clean, Oatmeal, Furminator, as well as some brightening (for black dogs) & lightening (for white dogs). Is your pet on a special medicated shampoo? Bring that with you and we will follow your veterinarian’s instructions.

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Protect your pet's ears, too, by placing a large cotton ball in each ear until the bath is over. When it comes to choosing a soap to bathe your dog with, don’t use your favorite shampoo; use only pet-specific brands. Human shampoo is a poor choice because formulated for human hair, which is different from dog hair, Dr. Marrinan said.

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The Pet's Play Palace offers both short- and long-term respite for cats and dogs in an air-conditioned, indoor facility. During daycare sessions, pets trounce through the backyard, which sports two canine-centric areas and one cat-specific space, overseen by pet-care professionals to ensure that the dogs are playing fair games of poker. Pets can shack up in the hotel for longer stays, wherein dogs are treated to bathroom breaks and up to six exercise sessions per day and felines stretch their wings with up to three hours of cage-free playtime per day. On-site groomers anoint fur coats with scrub downs and trims and also brush teeth and trim dogs' nails.

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Situated on fifty acres of natural country just outside of Harbor Springs, Michigan, Paws & Claws Boarding & Bath offers a beautiful and natural environment for the loving care of your pets. Managed by owner Becky MacGregor, Paws & Claws offers the highest quality of for your pet.Depending on the breed and condition of the pet, we recommend that you have your pet groomed every 4 to 6 weeks. Your groomer and bather will be happy to guide you with a grooming schedule that meets you and your pet’s specific needs.Avoid making bath time a big deal: your dog will only freak out if you do. Use warm water and make sure the room is also at a comfortable temperature. Large, fluffy towels allow for drying off on humans’ terms – no shake and soak! – while some pups will even allow the use of a hair dryer. Above all, ensure your pet is at ease with no hard feelings afterwards – unlike these pets…All of us at Bath Animal Hospital will help you prepare for these important issues with the compassion and sensitivity they require. Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is painful. We will work with you to ensure your pet's comfort and dignity.