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A soft-sculpture frame provides comfort and support to your pet, while the attached blanket can be moved to your pet’s desire. No more adding blankets or towels to your pet’s bed!

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Bed bugs do not live on animals the way fleas do. They are hidden in the environment and come out only at night to feed. Thus, it is unusual for pets to carry bugs on them. Protecting pets from bed bugs is achieved by default as you protect yourself and your home from bed bugs: through vigilance and hygiene. If you already have an infestation at home, eradicating that infestation will keep your entire family (including your pets) protected from the nuisance of bed bugs. When travelling (with or without your pet), check areas around the bed (head board and box spring, especially) for bed bugs or signs of bed bug infestation. Remember that these bugs are visible to the naked eye, although they are small. Keep luggage, pet crates and pet bedding away from the bed, if possible (consider storing them in the bathroom or a space away from sleeping areas and couches). When leaving your hotel, inspect all luggage, pet crates and pet bedding carefully to try to ensure no hidden bugs will be travelling home with you. Consider having your pet bathed and groomed before bringing them home (this may remove any bugs from the animal if they happen to be present), and visually inspect your pet for bed bugs. Luggage, pet carriers, and bedding can be left in the car for about 1-2 weeks after you return home. In areas of the country with extreme weather (hot and cold) this can further reduce the number of live bed bugs by heat-killing or freezing them. When you do bring these belongings into your home, launder everything immediately (clothing, pet bedding, etc.) being sure to use hot water and/or the dryer on medium-high heat; washing alone will not kill bed bugs, but high-heat drying will. There is no fail-safe way to ensure that you, your belongings or your pet will not bring unwanted guests home, but these measures can help reduce the risk.

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Around 56% of pet owners reported allowing their pets to sleep in the bedroom or the bed. Ms. Ruttenberg’s habit of sleeping with pets mirrors that of Paris Hilton, who has slept with a pig — of the four-legged variety — and was once bitten at her home at 3 a.m. by a kinkajou, a tiny raccoon-related creature. Keeping that sort of menagerie may be unusual, but the habit of allowing animals in bed is not. Figures vary, but according to a published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14 to 62 percent of the 165 million dogs and cats in this country sleep in bed with humans, with other surveys skewing higher.

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Next, vacuum your pet’s crate or carrier to pick up any bed bugs or eggs hiding in it. Be sure to get into the corners and any slots — if a credit card can fit in it, so can a bed bug.

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