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Although I have never red any documentation about dogs spreading BB lodged in their fur I do know that BB will feed on your pets as they sleep when the opportunity is there. Bed bugs are ectoparasites and that means they feed for a shor time and go back to hiding places to digest the blood meal. Although bed bugs can get into utr blonging like coats, book bags and extra items we transport - I have not red anything about BB's hitching a ride in dog hair.

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Does that mean that bed bugs will never feed on domestic pets like cats, dogs, ferrets, etc.? No. But it does mean that if the bugs have access to humans, they'll almost always feed on humans before they feed on pets.

How to avoid bed bugs in your dog's bed

Bed Bugs and Pets FAQ - American Veterinary Medical Association June bugs are most abundant during the warm spring and summer months. They are often attracted to light. Their sometimes frenzied activity attracts pets to them. Dogs and cats may chase the bugs for fun and eat them as an afterthought. The bugs don’t typically present a hazard in terms of biting, stinging or scratching; on their own, they are not dangerous to ingest.

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What's the best way to kill chinch bugs? Preferably a semi-safe way that will be quickly absorbed into the ground without interfering with our pets. We've got two indoor dogs, but they go outside to play/potty.

It can be scary when your dog or cat gets an insect bite

Nobody wants bugs living in their house. Bugs are more than just a nuisance. Bugs— and the chemicals that are used to control them—can pose risks for your pets. Some bugs are dangerous if they're eaten, while others have harmful stings. Pesticides can also harm dogs or cats if they're used improperly.Pets can complicate treatment slightly. Isolating the bed is harder with dogs and cats jumping on and off. Relying on isolating the bed to deprive bed bugs of food if the bugs can still reach pets isn't esp. effective. And cats' claws, in particular, can puncture encasements. If your cats or dogs or rabbits like to eat plastic bags, they can unisolate clothes that have been treated.Bugs can be just as annoying to our pets as they are to us. Some insects thrive by latching onto our furry friends, while others may simply deliver a bite or sting as an act of defense. Further still, there are numerous creepy crawlies that can cause dogs and cats to become severely ill if they attempt to eat them as a snack. Perhaps pets are a natural thought for bed bug victims to have since cats, dogs, and many other furred pets are in fact known to be hosts to some of the more common insect pests. We all know that ticks, lice, fleas, and even mites can live and thrive on our pets, so it only stands to reason that bed bugs could do the same thing.