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PetSmart, together with non-profits PetSmart Charities® and PetSmart Charities™ of Canada, invite more than 3,000 animal welfare organizations to bring adoptable pets into stores so they have the best chance possible of finding a forever home. Through this in-store adoption program and other signature events, PetSmart has facilitated more than 7.3 million adoptions – more than any other brick-and-mortar organization.

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Learn best practices for animal care and shelter operations with PetSmart Charities' recorded webinars, live chats with animal welfare experts and online newsletter.

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They did not make the decision to give to PetSmart Charities lightly. The Lehmans are very active in charitable giving. PetSmart Charities Inc. is set to award the Austin Humane Society the first of three grant installments totaling $227,000 to assist in funding AHS's new Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Program.

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, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, also raises money for local adoption groups, including groups for which it does not offer in-store space. In many stores, donations are collected at the register via traditional drop boxes. Some stores also ask customers if they wish to donate a dollar at the register when they use a credit or debit card. PetSmart charities also has an annual donation drive. Proceeds from Petsmart Charities events are given to over 3,400 adoption partners. PetSmart Charities claims that of the six to eight million pets collected by rescue agencies, three to four million are euthanized simply because they do not have a loving home.

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nimals crammed into filthy, crowded plastic bins stacked into shelving units like old bank statements. Living beings deprived of water for days or even weeks. Sick and injured animals denied veterinary care. Emaciated, severely dehydrated animals desperate for water. Animals cruelly killed by being gassed or frozen to death. We’ve seen it time and time again at dealers that sell animals to pet stores, and now we’ve seen it again at Reptiles by Mack, a reptile mill in Xenia, Ohio, that breeds and sells frogs, lizards, turtles, and other animals to pet stores across the country, such as PetSmart.The PetSmart Grooming Academy strives to jumpstart the careers of individuals in search of long-term grooming careers, growth opportunity, and earning potential.You’ll begin your new life by joining the PetSmart team as a Bather. Once you have gained several months of experience handling all types of breeds by shampooing various breeds of our pet clients, you can apply to become a Groomer Trainee through the PetSmart Grooming Academy. We know how hard it is to strike out on your own. The constant hunt for leads, self-employment taxes, and health insurance worries are enough to drive you barking mad. Yet, we understand your need for independence coupled with stability. PetSmart provides reliable schedules for our professional Pet Stylists in addition to 401ks, medical and dental insurance, and paid time off.