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We are here at your time of grief, as you cope with your loss, and want to help you remember your loving pet in a meaningful way by offering the highest quality pet memorial urns, keepsakes and caskets that will grace your pet’s memory with the dignity they so deserve. The two most popular ways we say our final goodbye to our departed pets is cremation or burial. Cremation offers a thoughtful and respectful way to make the love and memories you shared with your pet last forever. We have a variety of unique and handcrafted urns, keepsakes and memorials. Or you may choose a burial service. Whether it be a traditional burial service in a pet cemetery or a pet burial on private property, we would like to help. We offer some very special pet caskets and headstones with which to lay your best-friend to rest.

Pet Memorial Stones, Pet Memorials and Pet Headstones are because pets are family too

Our expertly and deeply carved pet memorial engraved stones are a wonderful way to commemorate the lives of our beloved pets. A finely engraved pet memorial stone will remind us of them here, until we meet them again at the Rainbow Bridge and we cross over together. We hand select each rock and produce the world’s finest engraved memorials.

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Custom Mosaic Pet Memorials for the Garden. Your pets name on a garden stone. Keeping your pets memory alive with a head stone, gravestone or pet marker is a great way to remember all the good times and memories that you shared with your pet. A garden in your yard could be a great place for the headstone or gravestone to memorialize the great times that you spent together. Pet markers can help you keep your pets memories alive forever.

Head stones and gravestones can be made of engraved rock with a beautiful passage and our markers can have a remembrance picture attached to remind everyone of the love shared with your pet. Your pet memorial garden stone will serve as a pet grave marker in your yard for your pet to be remembered always. Let us help you with your granite pet memorial and we can build a pet marker that you will be proud to own.

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Our top quality personalized engrave pet memorial stone are perfect monuments to remind us of our beloved pets. Expertly and deeply carved into only the most beautifully natural hand picked river stone that we can find, our unique engraved pet stones are of a fine quality that truly cannot be beat. We pour our hearts into the engraved stone pet memorials that we create for you because we know that you expect it and we want you to be moved and happy.

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We created our pet memorial garden stones to be a more natural and irregular version of our usual bluestone memorials. They are made from a brown/tan bluestone. These are ideal for someone who wants to lay their stone flat on the ground in a backyard or woodland type setting. These stones are more rounded on the bottom making them feel more like garden stones rather than gravestones. They measure 12" to 13" across and 2" thick They come with up to three lines of text. These are available in limited quantities throughout the year. Perfect for someone who wants a more rounded natural feel to their pet's memory stone. We use these same stones on our . You can see some examples of our pet version in our . Others try to match our quality, but can’t and no one can match our commitment to customer satisfaction. Each of our engraved pet memorials is as unique as the pets for whom we they are created. Whether our pet memorials are for dogs, cats, birds, or any other special animal, we always do our very best to create pet memorials worthy of them. We create unique pet monuments worth holding onto forever!