Snakes as Pets: What to Know Before You Bring One Home

Lastly, as you are in Florida, and the state has more than its fair share of invasive reptiles roaming around, I would encourage you to consider getting a native species. Corn snakes are great pets, and are native to Florida, so they will be inexpensive, and easy to keep.

Venomous species of snakes are almost always aggressive and are not recommended as pets.

San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green owns a pair of Burmese boas, which our sources tell us are one of the five largest species of snakes in the world. In the video above, our friend George Kiel III from visits Green at his home in San Antonio to learn about how Green takes care of his prized pets. Plus, they talk about Tim Duncan’s departure from the NBA and how the Spurs are coming together this season. Check out all that and more above.

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Now on to some snakes that are fairly easy to care for and make good pets. In 2016, the practice had 12 snakebite cases that required antivenin, and 30 total snake bites, with most bites occurring between July and September. This year, snakebite "season" just started, and they have already seen six pets with confirmed snake bites, compared with only one by this time last year

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Except, that is, for cats and dogs. Palmer says there are plenty of places that offer doggy day care and kitty kennels. Space at the store is reserved for less-common pets, and the store's storm refugees include snakes, a turtle, guinea pigs, bunnies, geckos and other reptiles. The store charges $5 a day to cover food and other costs of keeping the pets.

As summer begins, the threat of snakes to pets rises.

King Snakes are a good beginner snake for kids because they are easily handled, and are pretty active in their cages, making them interesting to watch. Ensuring you have an escape-proof enclosure will be paramount. As babies, King Snakes can be a little nippy, but quickly become used to being handled. King Snakes are beautiful and can make very good petsFun Fact: Like Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes are extremely popular as pets. Also just like Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes are available in a wide variety of color and pattern mutations.
Giant snakes take a whole different level of commitment when it comes to keeping them as pets. Here are a few things you should consider carefully before buying a breed of snake that is going to turn into a giant.Some great things about pet snakes:
They are quiet and virtually odour free
They can be left alone for the weekend, so no need for kennels or pet sitters
They are easier and cost less to maintain than most traditional pets
They generally do not take up a huge amount of space
They won’t scratch the furniture or chew up your favourite pair of shoes