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Welcome to the Champions League of pets!

New cat vs dog war is here.

In this football game, create a team of cats and dogs of your own, take the control of your pet team, run after the ball and don’t stop until you score!

Fight for the ball to win a goal agains your opponents.

Real cool animal soccer sport game!

Game description: Even pets wants to play a nice game of soccer. Win a goal agains your opponents.

The18 is hoping to get our hands on one of these babies so we can play virtual soccer without leaving the office – and, for those of us with pets, to see just how well this actually works. Outdoor soccer with a real ball is overrated, right? Nah. But this sure looks fun too.

Jolly Pets Jolly Soccer Ball Dog Toy on sale

Even pets wants to play a nice game of soccer. Win a goal agains your opponents. Following the success of ODU Baseball’s Bark in the Park the past three seasons, fans have requested more opportunities to bring their pets to outdoor athletic events. The Sunday Dog Days promotion will allow fans to bring their dogs, on a leash, to any soccer or baseball game that takes place on a Sunday. There is no charge for bringing a dog. During soccer games, dogs will be allowed on the grass area on the south and east sides of the ODU Soccer Complex. There will be a total of 16 games this year where fans can take advantage of this opportunity. See the schedules below.

durable modeling Jolly Pets Jolly Soccer Ball Dog Toy

Check out this Jolly Pets Soccer Ball 2 Pack at Costco. It is perfect for dogs of all sizes! This dog proof soccer ball lets you keep your eyes on the real goal, having fun with your pup! Ideal for water based play; these balls can roll and float on water, giving your pup all the exercise he needs.

on sale Jolly Pets Jolly Soccer Ball Dog Toy

However, dogs and cats are getting together in a tournament game; when they are determining to get some over in their problems among them. You can also create two different teams while dogs and cats or you can be mixed with same teams pets. After this game has been loaded with a select player of number, and assign in the blue and red team football players. You will see some of the information in a box at the end of this part. You can take a look of your teams and you can see how to play this game. When you are starting this exciting football game match, you can click play in the button. First of all the player plays with "Arrow Keys" and second player plays with "W, A, D, S” in the button keys. The goal of this pet soccer is clear; and you should make some scores. There are 6 football players in the field, who are exposing a high-performance. So, it's time for you to show how good you are on the football game. I hope that you can enjoy with this cute game. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download the free app Cats & Dogs Soccer:Pets Training Simulator by alice tom, get iTunes now. We love pets, but not on our fields. All pets are strictly prohibited at our complexes. We have experienced children injured by "small, well behaved pets on a leash." We have also experienced animals injured by running children and soccer balls. We will enforce this prohibition. Games will not be started or continued until animals are removed from the complex. Thanks for everyone's cooperation.Please communicate with your players, parents and visitors to leave animals at home when visiting any location that North Highlands-Antelope Youth Soccer Club uses for either practice or games. All Soccer Clubs within CVYSL are under the same requirements from their administrators so it is best to leave all pets at home during both home and away games.