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The moral of the story is this: always keep an ID tag on your pet. I'll take it one step further and urge you to help others get ID for their pets, too. Tags are cheap and, in a pinch, you can get by with just one piece of information. A phone number is best, but for the less fortunate among us, even an indication about where to find them (i.e., 700 block of Main St.) is better than nothing. A "tag" doesn't even have to be stainless and engraved. Get a cheap collar and a sharpie (both can be found at dollar/discount stores) and write the info right on the collar. Done! With just this simple step, you can save a pet's life.

Yet a study published in revealed that only 33 percent of owners keep ID tags on their pets.

Tags that dangle from your pet's collar can sometimes get snagged or break off. This dogtag with 2 holes can be riveted flush against the collar which looks great and is safer for your dog.

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Pets wearing tags with phone numbers are usually quickly reunited with their pet parents. Again leaning more heavily on whimsy than strict function, these fun stainless steel tags feature bright colors and fun symbol-style designs. You get your choice of eight colors and 13 designs so you can create a custom tag to suit your pet’s personality. As an added bonus, at the time of this writing, if you buy two tags, you can take 15 percent off the already super-cheap price.

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Sometimes tags and collars can get lost. A microchip is a permanent form of identification that is implanted under the skin of your pet. Shelters and veterinary offices are able to read the microchip and get information about your pet. Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter provides microchips to pets for $15 (includes registration). Once your pet has a microchip, it is imperative that you ensure that your contact information is up-to-date with the microchip company.

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Pet's can't talk. Let one of our large selection of pet id tags or dog tags do the speaking for your pooch. We carry a large variety of fashionable dog tags you can personalize. , , and are among the designers we carry.One of the biggest fears of any pet owners is losing their beloved pet. Since outside cats are not often in a contained space, they can easily wander off out of curiosity. Even though dogs are not typically allowed to roam freely, they can still get loose and run off to explore. When dogs and cats are out exploring, they can end up far away from home. For this reason, it is essential that your pet is wearing some type of identification at all times. With proper identification, your pet can be quickly returned to you. Unfortunately, many pets have no way to be identified. Our staff at 5 Points Animal Hospital knows what a nightmare it is to lose a pet, and we would like to help you prevent this from happening by telling you about how tags and microchips can keep your pets safe in case of an accidental separation.We also have a number of cool devices to hold your pet's tags. You simply put your dog's tags on the clip, rather than directly on the collar. No more pinched fingers! This nifty clip makes changing pet tags quick and easy.Since ID tags can fall off the collar, the most secure form of identification is a microchip, which is a small electronic device that is injected underneath your pet’s skin. This device allows veterinarians, shelter workers, and animal control officers to identify your pet by waving a scanner over the area to receive your pet’s unique identification number to be able to search for that number in a database to contact you. This is why it is important to keep the microchip information updated. If you move or get a new phone number, make sure you update the information on the chip. 5 Points Animal Hospital can be sure the microchip has the correct information by scanning your pet once a year to check the details.