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Sell extra vendored pets at a profit - Small pets tend to sell pretty well at auction, but can be hit or miss. If you're the risk-taking type, you might consider buying and selling on the AH. If you're visiting the vendor anyway, why not buy three or four extra pets and try to turn a profit. Depending on the current market, you can often make a healthy profit.

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Well I have a mixed Husky that is currently a little over a year old. Pretty much from the beginning till a couple months ago, it was hard finding something she would eat. Purina pre-made bowls were what I was buying until they kept getting expensive. So I tried switching her to Pedigree cans, and from what I saw she would only sniff it and probably knock it over. So I was walking through Petsmart one day, and I always walk past the fridge that has dog food. Never expected anything great because I always thought it was expensive so I didn’t pay any attention. Well one day I stopped and started looking through Freshpet foods, and saw it was reasonable to afford. Bought a 6 lb roll of it, and broke it down into bags for her meal prep. She ate it all just like that! I was surprised.. So from that day on I continue to buy it every week.

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Home · World of Warcraft Addons · Companions · Pets To Buy; Pets To Buy 1.00 If you only had $35.00 for a pet, where are you going to come up with the money for medical expenses, shots, spaying or neutering, rabies, good/decent food and I do not mean Ole Roys from Walmart. (You do not buy food by how cheap it is) cleaning/grooming your pets, illnesses…where will you get the money to pay for these things? Pets are an expense and if you do not have the money to afford to take care of said pet, please do not get the pet.

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My three cats LOVE this cat food. They range in age from 2-16. The older cat has issues chewing food so we are happy to finally find a soft food not from a can that’s natural.

Our cats are so much happier now. I am still mixing this food with IAMS natural cat food to get them used to the new food. It also helps this food last one week. With three cats, this is important.

I would like to see coupons and recipes to supplement this food such as healthy homemade receipes we can make for our pets as a treat.

I am hoping this food will be on hand to buy as our local Tops Store is is often out of many other items on a regular basis. Hoping to see this in Wegmans and Walmart soon! Thanks for this awesome food. MK

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